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well the empire would win because eventualy the republic turns into the empire...........but if you meant to ignore the timeline then i agree with  everyone else


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ok.....the first marine is awesome............ i think he would beat boba, the second.....maby..........and the third, well he had a demonic heart, possible help from an angelic entity and, he died, the only reason hes not in Maledict's stomach is Maledict's own stupidity.  but aside from all that i agree with Karson


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The marine never saw satan...............ever the worst he saw was the cyberdemon, and if you mean doom3 then he has an invincible cube of death. also he had a ton of high explosive weapons


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then the magic marker EXPLODES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Boba is faster has cooler stuff (jetpack flame thrower better armor.........posible lightsaber im gona need to confirm that) and he faced darthvader in combat at least once and survived


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well the space marines armor would be realy hard to puncture, i mean, those plates can take a bolt


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http://dsc.discovery.com/fansites/mythb … sters.html   
Adam savage from mythbusters allows him to use stuff from episodes ive seen, backup is jamie, who can blind you with his baldness................just like my dad........................ i can join now right?


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Thanks alot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! smile


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i was wonderin if boba fett could beat a space marine from warhammer 40k with his mele weapons if the marine was unarmed


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could some one draw this guy for me? or shrink the image? neutral

Lorenzo had been inside for about thirty minuets and he had alredy ran into five more of the aliens, luckily, only two of them were alive. He kept replaying the breifing in his mind, remembering how simple this was supposed to be, how this was supposed to be his test, just to make sure that he was qualified to be part of the Serpents, wich was a mercinary group. He checked his mission clock, almost not being able to belive that he hadnt even been here an hour when he saw somthing out of the corner of his eye. It was a spider-like, pinkish-tan  thing, with a tail. It was about 50 feet away from him, but it was closing fast, rununing with two of its legs held up nad out, slightly hanging infront of it, feeling for anything in its path. Lorenzo didnt think it looked dangerous, but he didnt want to find out what it could do  and as he raised his weapon the thing jumped at him,he was lucky that he had already pulled the triger and that the thing only managed to move more of its body into the path of the bolt, with the thing now identified as hostile, and dead Lorenzo continued to move, thinking to himself when he heard a detonation not to far away. He decided to try to find it, thinking that there may be another person in the vicinity


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((havent realy heard of clone maufacturing plants so im gona assume you meant droid))
Darth Ventris looked around slowly, searching the shadows of the undercity for the seperatist spy. He spoted him, in a small street walking to the cantina that was the meeting place. He moved quickly, as he was skilled in force speed. As he closed the distance, just another dark shadow in the undercity, the spy turned slowly and spoke "My lord," the spy said " we have intercepted republic transmissloins. They seem to be sending a group to clear a droid manufacturing plant, we are unsure of the system but we are certain that the force will include commandos." Lord ventris stood silently the only part of his face visible beneath his hood being his mouth when the spy finished speaking he said quietly, "Find the location of the plant and send them to my ship. When you do, I want the plants defence force doubled. I will  personaly lead the defence". With that, he turned not even waitng to hear the spy's reply, to head back to his ship.

Welcome, this is the 1st RPG that i have made and here are some ground rules,
1.Have fun
2. characters must be clones or space marines Sm classes: Marine,Assault Marine(has a jet pack), Apothicary, Chaplian*, and Librarian* *only one of these
Clone classes: Trooper, Clone commando, Clone assasin* Jedi* *only one of these(all of these classes have med suplies)
3. Charatcer info
Armor color(clones)/Chapter(space marines):
Secondary weapon:
4.No insta killz of other players it would realy be apreciated if you ask them first, you can kill your own characters though
5. stay aware of what has happend, like if a building got blown up dont suddenly be assaulting it
6. there are some indiginous species: Lizards, snakes, other desert dwelling things. if you want to fight some of them its ok
7.Add some twists
8.If your wounded seriously you will die unless you get meds
9. they have to be able to cary their weapons
Lets begin

The battle takes place in the canyon, its caves and an small, direlect facility hidden in those caves
Background: Deep in unexplored space, green motes of light form, and a hole into the Warp opens. A badly damaged ship speeds out of this rift, then the hole seals. On the side of the ship is the name "Unyeilding". A single Thunderhawk gunship roars away from its mother, heading to a small uninhabited planet. the ship lands on this desert world, near a canyon with a small creek winding through it.The ramp lowers, and a figure in large blue armor steps off the ramp, in his left hand is a bolter in his right is a chainsword. Back in space the thunderhawk lands in the bay and the Unyeilding reenters the Warp, not seeing the small Republic ship in the distance
((ok heres my dude hes already in the canyon))
Name:Zaal Arbalan
Rank: Capitain
Class:Assault marine
Chapter: Ultramarines
WOC:Standard issue Bolter
2WOC: Chainsword
Secondary: Plasma pistol


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Boba Dude wrote:
Mandalorian wrote:


Obviously spartans are lame... notice there is only one left?

As Fetter and Draco said, If you read the Halo books, you would find out more than you know.
There are several Spartans left.


Hey guess what THERE ARE CLONES!!!!!!!!!!yes, flash clones, they originaly repalced the spartans when they were abducted as childeren and they are not all dead. READ THE NOVELS!!!!!!!!!(sory if any one already said this but i wasnt able to keep reading because of what that post said

Name:Jason Lorenzo
Species:Human, Male
WOC:Dc 15 , found it of a dead clone
2nd WOC: Vibroblade grenades as well, also anything he picks up along the way
Job: Merc
Appearance:has combat armor simalar to that of Aliens/Starship Troopers

The Serpent Fang hoverd above the deck and the ramp crashed down. Seconds later, three figures stormed out, weapons at the ready. As the ship's engines roared and the vessel left the bay, a lone xenomorph drone sat on the ceiling, waiting to strike. "Ok Lorenzo," one of the soldiers said, "lets see if you got what it takes to be one of us." The figures turned moving to the door carefully, when one of them spun around, weapon raised. Lorenzo and the other soldier turned as a blaster hit the deck with a clang.The alien was standing, tail buried in their comrade's abdomen, it ripped its tail out, hissing at the others then pouncing at Lorenzo's  commander. Lorenzo shot at the thing,hitting it in the back and recoiling slightly as acid blood pourd out of the wound and onto the deck. The alien was still thrashing however, clawing and biting the other mercinary with its sharp, long teeth.The man was screaming, reachning for his gun which was barely out of reach, when the Xenomorph silenced him, permanently. The thing turned twoard Lorenzo, and he shot it in the face, killing it. Lorenzo looked  around carefully and slowly moved to the door, into the hellish nightmare beyond.


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The ramp hit the floor pannels in the landing bay with a clang.A figure in a dark cloak steps off, looking around at the empty landing bay, and then moving to the door he stepped out of the bay and into the turbolift. He activated it, heading into the streets of Corusant((did i spell that right?))


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((new at this whole message board rp thing so I'm going to apoligize in advance for any mistakes I may make))
Name/title: Darth Ventris
Class:Sith lord
Saber style/color: Double bladed, Orange
Powers:Lightning, Choke, Speed
Has no appretice....yet.....

((just a quick question, can we still join, or is it to late?))


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yeah well, im new. hi. I cant seem to get a avatar to upload, i have some that are under 60x60 but the server wont save them