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(so this looks like its still kind of active and i miss this, so I was hoping maybe i could hop on?)

So, between the Joker (pretty much any version excluding the Dark Knight) and Our favorite clone of Jango who would come out on top?


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Unfortunately, he lost the other half, but survived because of a timely intervention by none other then Batman.


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...Ok i feel like im cheating, but Its been like, two years since i've really been on. So this is a re-introduction for me. Also im hoping some of my old pals might still be around, because, well, its been a while.
I have returned.


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Ja'tka stood up, dazed. He blinked his vison cleared, though the push hadn't been too forceful, it felt restrained, he had hit his head pretty damn hard.  Hard enough to send him to a quiet place for a small while. He didn't know how long of course. By the time he got up the Jedi was gone. Where to where to.......Was with Kubaz, perhaps full-scale retreat. Head back to hive. That means........wilderness. Need transportation. Speederbike, quick, findable. So once again Ja'tka set forth. He didnt know where the Jedi went exactly , but he thought he might be headed in the right direction.


Still crowded on the streets. Lots of guns, couple of vehicles no bikes. Not yet at least. He was just about to give up when, along came a speeder. He had to reduce speed to take a turn. Bad choice. The vehicle was still moving quickly, but not too quickly, and Ja'tka had a chance to use a skill he had learned long ago. He pulled his pistol, stuck his arm out as the bike moved by, grabbed a bar and climbed on.  "What the fu-"


"The hell I a-" The driver began to shout, though he was interrupted by the but of Ja'tka's weapon as it whipped across his face.

Ja'tka speed off, towards the wilderness leaving the man in the dirt.

The desert was finally getting out of his head, the heat was cooling.


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There was an explosion. There was an explosion and someone jumped out of the roof. Somebody jumped out of the roof. Ja'tka's mind went into overdrive, his hands snapped backwards, pulling the carbine from the holster under his jacket he quickly followed the course of the dot as it arced low, and out of sight. Wasn't a jump pack, no light from thrusters, not exhaust trail. No noise. Unsure if augmentatives could jump like that. Hidden anti-grav unit? Unlikely.  These possibilities flashed through his mind, attempting to asses the situation, leaving only one likely possibility. Force user? No to rare, training to jump in controlled pattern needed........No other likely explanations. Only remaining option. Possible Jedi.


  Ja'tka rushed into the confusion as alarms blared, carbine in hand. Have to find Jedi, confirm suspicions. Track and apprehend possible hostile force-user. So he ran forth, seeking out the Jedi inside the building. Fortunately no one stopped him, regardless of the carbine in his hand, due to the utter chaos inside. It didnt take him long. He rounded a corner, coming up behind a human female, who seemed to be holding the Jedi, and a group of Kubaz at gunpoint. He slowly approached, though, admittedly he had no idea what the situation was. Hence the caution and the raised carbine.


He was back in the game.


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((Hope hes ok Mel, our thoughts are all with you, see you when you get back))

    Ja'tka saw the Jedi duck into the bar. Not much he could do but follow, unless he wanted to risk the Jedi getting out a back entrance. But following in could be a dead giveaway. Ja'tka didn't have any other options at this point. He took a deep breath, which his jaw-plate fortunately didn't make loud or harsh or rasping as it did his words, and stepped into the gloom of the bar.

   Ja'tka's eyes, or eye rather, meaning the augmentic, did not need to adjust to the gloom.  He vaugly recalled this place, entering with his mind sharp and stumbling out in a drunken stupor. He made quickly for the bar, picking out the Jedi as he turned.
"Don't be takin that damn plate off, some of the reg'lars get right jumpy of things like that when they've  got their rythm going"

Ja'tka glared at the one eyed Bothan behind the bar.  "Water. Now."  The cacophous rasp coming from the grille of Ja'tka's jaw plate made the Bothan jump. He quickly slid him a glass of water, and went to tend the other side of the bar. Not that it made a difference. Ja'tka knew there was probably some kind of disruptor within the Bothan's reach in case a patron got too pushy. Ja'tka took his drink, the straw jumped from his plate, and he found a empty booth that wasn't completely disgusting, and settled in, watching his target out of the corner of his eye.


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(( Hey Fett101, sorry bout this but i intended my character to be following val's and therefore outside not at the bar, sorry dude.))

    It had been quite a while. The Jedi had returned from the building, and Ja'tka tried to shrink into the crowd. Naturally shrinking into the crowd when your jaw looked like something a Sith Lord would wear and your head was wrapped like a Tusken was a little difficult. And the armor on his chest (that wasn't under his jacket) wasn't exactly the most inconspicuous thing either. If it was anyone else Ja'tka would have likely appeared as just another spacer, but of course, this was a Jedi, there were supposed to be able to read your thoughts and other such things. Ja'tka was unsure of this one's abilities. So of course he would be very careful in his tracking. Perhaps he wouldn't be completely out of a job for much longer.


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Species: Unknown, humanoidish.
Occupation: Bounty hunter/mercenary.
Affiliation: Unemployed, so none
Appearance: Work-pants, chest is covered in Mandalorian armor, dark matte colors, dark dewback-leather jacket. Head is wrapped Tusken style. Black augmentative jaw-piece, causes heavy vocal distortion. Left eyepiece appears to be augmentative.
Weapons: Blaster carbine and pistol, wristblades. Short blue lightsaber, used only as last resort, or cutting tool.

Broken goods. All Ja'tka was, all everyone on this damn rock was.  It certainly wasn't as hot as the dustball on which he had become what he was, but it was, if possible, more desolate. On Tatooine, the sands ruled all. Here, it was less obvious. Booze probably. Ja'tka was trying to get drunk now, as a matter of fact. A short mechanical straw sprung from his jaw-plate(just because he was broken goods didn't mean he had to have a hard time drinking), and he inserted it into the glass of....something. He didn't care much what it was he was drinking, all that mattered was that it was strong. This world for some reason brought back memories. Of heat. Things he didn't want to recall. Perhaps it was his lack of employment, bringing back the hot air, the pain he suffered. He needed an escape from the utter boredom he was suffering.

   Turning a corner he saw a man in robes. Jedi robes. On a whim he dumped out his glass and cast it aside. He had a feeling this man was important. He would follow him, see what was happening.  It seemed escape was here.


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I'm in.......but I'll be posting soon, within the next couple of days


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"Ob das in der Meinung edler ist, um zu leiden
die Schleudern und Pfeile des unerhörten Glückes,
Oder Arme gegen ein Meer von Schwierigkeiten zu nehmen
und, entgegensetzend, beenden Sie sie."


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Soliloquize auf Deutsch
"Sein, oder nicht sein---Das, ist die Frage:"....


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Sure. Blame me for everything tongue


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Zombie Flesh. So he released the T-Virus upon the galaxy, and waited for the Emperor to put on his thong and....


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And Things Belong In It


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And bad spelling tongue


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Had severe indigestion


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Partied hard with...


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Atom, which, when you think about it, meant it wasnt that big at all. which caused Fett to consider some of those emails and tv adds for natural male.....


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Glass of apple juice

Man in a hoodie behind him. Drogan didn't like the sudden turn of events, he was supposed to be the one sneaking up on people, not the other way around. He quickly contemplated using his ace, but figured it would be best to wait, it wasn't, after all, the sort of trick you were likely to get away with twice, and Drogan intended to keep it as insurance for when he desperately needed to diffuse a situation, and it didn't matter how it was done.

He turned his head in between the two parties, waiting for someone to do something. Of course the new guy was in the werewolf's debt, as the werewolf had just shot a zombie that was managing to sneak up on the fool. Though, having just been snuck up on by said fool, Drogan felt like quite a fool himself.


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Its not resizing the pixels as much as it is the picture, what I usually do is I take the image in paint and go to image, re-size/skew. and work it until its about 100x100. That usually doesn't give me very high quality images. If you used a higher-end program or have someone here do it for you im sure they can do it in a better way then you could yourself

Evasive and quick, Drogan managed to bypass most of the horde by using simple climbing skills and moving fast. Soon enough he could see the others. One of them, a male, turned quickly and drew a weapon. "Who the hell are you?"

Drogan stopped whistling and grinned. He raised his hands, still holding the head in a bag.
"Please, allow me to introduce myself,"

"Thats what I was asking for."

"My name is Walter Drogan. And I am a vampire."

"Whats in the bag?"

"Ah, now that, my friend, is the question isnt it? Of course to tell you would be to lose any upper hand I may or may not have. Simply put, that's for me to know, and you to find out."

Drogan continued moving, still possessing the head in a makeshift bag. It continued to move, but of course, without lungs or vocal cords there was no sound. Drogans pace was quite quick and he managed to follow the trail of destroyed or disabled undead quite easily. Rather soon he found himself in a mausoleum.


He continued, killing when he needed to. Soon he could smell the others over the stench of the dead. Drogan grinned, and still walking, began to whistle