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ello All. This is my first post to forum...hope everyone is doing well!

I was browsing around for a Jemery Bulloch autograph online and stumbled across Jeremy's website. It appeared that you could order autographs right from the site (Jeremy for alot cheaper than what was circling around EBay.

I was wondering if anyone has had experience with ordering autographs from that website? I was mainly wondering if the autographs were reprints or if they are actually original/authentic signed pics? Any CoA or anything? I would love to be able to meet JB, but unfortunately the trips posted so far are no where near me.

Thanks for your time!

( I have posted this on thedentedhelmet website if you are members there, thanks for your time twice!)

Re: Autographs

Thanks for the question! Welcome to the site!

Jeremy Bulloch receives all of the mail through his site and via this address -- Jeremy Bulloch, c/o The Boba Fett Fan Club, 10 Birchwood Road, SW 17 92Q, London, ENGLAND. The photos are prints and the autographs are his own.