Topic: To all BFFC Vets

What's going on everyone? It's been ages since I've been on here and talked to any of you guys; So, what's new?

Note: This is to all remaining BFFC Veterans that are ghosting through the boards (You know who you are) sign in and reply to this post!

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Re: To all BFFC Vets

Hey Rev,

Alas it has been ages since I was on here *sigh* funnily enough I pick today to pop in for a stickybeak.

I've been busy with work, uni and family. Can you believe Cael is going to be 3 years old in two weeks! We're currently rocking on to The Wiggles wink

I'd really love to get into another RPG, but who knows when I'd have the time.  I hope all is well.


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Re: To all BFFC Vets

Wow how time flies. Its been 5 years since I posted this topic...yikes. Also, shout out to McCoy, whom I spoke with briefly at Celebration Orlando. Anyway, just checking back in...Mel, I noticed a new RP up? Maybe we can dredge up the crew for old times sake. Anyone else still around here?

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Re: To all BFFC Vets

I'm trying to be active but it's hard since it's really quiet here...
But you're probably asking about older members ^^'

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