Topic: Other Fictional Favorites?

Other than Boba Fett, who are your favorite fictional characters (from any series/comic/movie/book/game/etc.) ?

Mine include:


-HUNK, Wesker, Jill & Claire from Resident Evil.
-Isaac Clarke from Dead Space... possibly my favorite protagonist from any video game. In the first game, he's very similar to Fett in terms of how he is portrayed: he doesn't speak and you don't see his face until the final cutscene.
-Commander Shepard from Mass Effect (I play FemShep). Garrus is also my favorite squad mate and romantic pursuit, haha.
-Ghost from Modern Warefare 2. It's the skull mask and accent, lol.
-Meryl from Metal Gear Solid. Love strong soldier womenz.

-Ramona Flowers from Scott Pilgrim, 'cause she's just bad ***, yet relateable.
-Ripley from Alien/s! Again, I love strong females.
-Jareth from Labyrinth... um, David Bowie just rocks in this film. xD

-Dexter. What's there to say? He's Dexter.
-Gaius Baltar, Saul Tigh, & Gaeta from BattleStar Galactica. Each different, but each very interesting people.

-Erik, The Phantom of the Opera. I was a massive sucker from the hopeless romantics in high school. Plus I adore the musical (yes, it's based on a book of the same name).
-Severus Snape (Harry Potter). I'm not a fangirl who loved him only after reading "The Princes Tale." He was my favorite since age 11! Despite that he was a nasty, greasy person, I found his sarcasm hilarious and his scenes/dialogue never dull. Paired with his enigmatic ambiguity and he was always the most interesting in the series, bar none. The Princes Tale only made it more "acceptable" to like him. Alan Rickman is also fantastic in the movies. 

Well, that's my list. It could probably be longer and if more people post and keep the discussion going I'll probably have more to add at some point.

-BFFC Manji aka Jess

Re: Other Fictional Favorites?

Resident Evil: Rebecca & Billy (from Zero), Claire, Leonie & Ada (RE2 & RE4)
SW: KOTOR: Revan!!!
Dino Crisis 1 & 2: Regina

Terminator: Sarah Connor & Kyle Reese
Aliens: Ripley & Hicks (he so should not have been killed in Alien 3!)

Big Bang Theory: Sheldon (can't help but laugh at the guy)

Gah too many... won't even start.

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