Topic: Bounty "Checklist" Idea?

You know our database of (ideally) every Boba Fett collectible?

I have an idea for how to take it up a notch. What if everybody who has a username on the message board could go through and make a checklist from our database? "[X] I have this." "[X] I want this."

And for everything we're missing, because we can't do everything alone, we can make it easy to fast-track updates to the database because you're logged in to the site.

My question: would you use and/or enjoy this feature?

Everybody's list could be public or private, which could be useful for sharing with friends (think "Amazon Wishlist") or known on the boards (who has the most Boba Fett schwag).

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Re: Bounty "Checklist" Idea?

I am ALL about it! Although, I don't have that much Fett stuff (yet!), but I would love to be able to have a wish list. It would also be really cool to know where the stuff is available. That would be totally awesome!

Re: Bounty "Checklist" Idea?

The availability is a never-ending dilemma. I've been fishing for links to trustworthy businesses that we can have affiliate programs with (which helps everyone, versus linking to eBay auctions and wishing you good luck). Inventories change. All we can do is provide links where possible.

Purchasing aside, glad you're a fan! That's one vote... Anyone else?

Re: Bounty "Checklist" Idea?

Tis the season, so I'm for it.

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Re: Bounty "Checklist" Idea?

Sounds good Boss