Topic: New Comic Book--Boba Fett and the Ship of Fear

A new Star Wars Adventures comics is coming out later this year, around December time frame.  This one is finally about our fan fav.

Boba Fett and the Ship of Fear.

Found this on the Newsarama Dark Horse Comics page.  Haven't seen it listed in Previews yet.  But then, I haven't gotten October's mailed to me yet, either.  I'm guessing it might be in this months. … 00922.html


Jeremy Barlow (W), Daxiong (A), and Sean McNally (Cover)

On sale Feb 2
FC, 80 pages
TPB, 5 1/4” X 7 1/2”

The wreck of the Reverie, a four-hundred-year-old abandoned luxury liner is rumored to house an ancient relic of immense value. When Boba comes into possession of a map revealing the ship’s current whereabouts, he sets his sights on the prize. But he’s not alone—two bounty-hunting brothers with a grudge against Fett are now on his trail, hoping to win the treasure for themselves. But, neither Boba nor the brothers are prepared for what else is lurking within the creepy corridors of the forsaken Reverie . . .

• An original Boba Fett graphic novel for all ages!


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Re: New Comic Book--Boba Fett and the Ship of Fear

I hope it's full of zombies ^_^

Your god won't be there to save you, or maybe I will