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I just got me one of these: … id=1320362 I got mine from Target and they were 34.99. I don't like the person they got to do the voice though, he's too high pitched and he sounds like he's trying a little too hard.

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Nice but im more of a Transformer collector (Nerd Alert!) still its a nice helmet good detail colors are super correct here some of my Seacons
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Thats one cool helmet | Dei voluntas fiat
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Re: Boba Electronic Helmet

Karson Fett wrote:

Thats one cool helmet

if you say so  tongue

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I found it in Wal-Mart today. Made me laugh a lot. Especially any time Boba laughed! Surreal! XD

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ehhh...its okay.....the visor is a bit too big and the voice for Boba fett for the helmet is a bit stale.....but yea...its okay.... big_smile

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