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Topic: new in box vintage (early 80's) boba value?

Hey all,

While cleaning out my parents' house, I found a vintage boba fett model 39250 that is still new-in-box.  Actually, I found him and a bunch of other figures and ships that are still brand spanking new in their boxes.  I was shocked!  My mom had indicated that when I was a kid she bought a "bunch of extras," but she didn't know where they were.

Anyway, can anyone point me in the direction of how I can find out the value of some of these mint guys and if I want to sell them, where I could look.  If it helps, it still has the price tag on it from something like 1982 from some toy store that I am sure is no longer in business.

Re: new in box vintage (early 80's) boba value?

sounds awesome! got any pics?

Re: new in box vintage (early 80's) boba value?

Pics coming soon.  I keep finding more stuff too.  I found my old millenium falcon, but it's unfortunately not new in the box.  Still in one piece though.  I can't believe my parents kept all that stuff.