Topic: sorry for been away

I'm really have been busy my little Dog [Chihuahua ] has been not well ,,I know
Tippie been so tiny has been a real worry to give her Drugs,,it breaks my Heart
seeing her just laying there Whimping !!! she is a very strong little dog as I call
her The Anti-Christ ,,slowing we are getting there ,,two Vets have felt her Rage
tried a size 0  muzzle ,but she got them ,she looked like she was in'' Silence
of the Lambs'',,if this lot of drugs doesn't work  or help
I really don't want to think down that path
  at this moment .

Re: sorry for been away

I'm sorry to hear/read that Bats. I have experienced having extremely ill pets as well. It's not easy. Good to see you back.

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