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Soccer as it is known in America, is becoming a popular sport.

I myself, have found the High school level of the soccer sport, fun to watch. Granted its not football but its still fun to watch.

Do any of you guy play/ watch soccer?

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haha maybe if the US soccer teams were any good. if you want to watch a real soccer team play, watch either a south american or european team play

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High school soccer is better than any pro game. Its much faster, and much more fun to watch.

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I hate soccer. So, so boring. A lot of players are getting paid far too much money and there is too much importance attached to it (I live in Scotland) and it is referred to as being 'the beautiful game'

A lot of the really well paid players are big drama queens. Taking dives to try and get other players sent off, penalties etc

However, I do think it is a fun game to play. But then again the last time I played it we did not follow the rules of soccer and we were tripping each other up and using all sorts of dirty tactics to get possession of the ball. Great fun.

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Well, Devil Girl, I dislike PRO soccer.
If you have ever watched a high school game you would love it. High school students play hard and fast, they play like they have something to lose besides a contract. They play for their coach.