Topic: Mini rant-Gum surgery

I had minor gum surgery today (for the curious, they removed excess gum that was covering my back molar partially). Yes, I'm fine, though drugged up. However, I must complain about the procedure itself.

The time. I was told that the actual procedure would only be 5 minutes total, 10 at the most (not counting the time to numb me up). However, they worked on me for well over an hour and a half! I don't get it, how do you get that from 10 minutes? Removing all four of my wisdom teeth and sewing my mouth back up then only took 20 minutes. Did my mouth just not want to co-operate? I dunno, but it still majorly sucked. Especially since I could -really- feel it in the middle of the procedure. And now I know exactly what it feels like to have gum sliced open.

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Re: Mini rant-Gum surgery

Wow! Tough break CeciliaCrimsonDragon, that makes me feel extremely fortunate I've never needed to have my wisdom teeth removed. It was bad enough when I had to have crowns put on every single one of them several years back.

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