Topic: Daylight savings time

I know this is a rather banal topic but who out there is on daylight savings time and who isn't?
In Japan we don't do that so I never know what time to call home this time of year. And, I guess my GMT changes too, or does the system track that?

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Re: Daylight savings time

Ahahaha daylight savings time. Y'see, when the US first decided to do this thing, Arizona did it once and then basically said "screw this crap, we're not doing this again" and congress said "Ok" and now we never have to mess around with clocks. >=D So right now we're Pacific time, but when the time changes everywhere else we'll be Mountain time.

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Re: Daylight savings time

Oh, I hate this. I hate losing an hour of sleep, it's so horrible. And then for weeks and weeks after you're still getting used to going to bed an hour early, and waking up an hour early. Yes, the other one gives you an extra hour, but that doesn't make up for losing sleep in the spring.

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