Topic: Aliens: Colonial Marines/AVP

To begin, I'm excited.
There hasn't really been a good aliens or predator game since the first few for the computer.
After having escaped cancellation, these two games are making their way to the standard consoles
PC, 360, PS3

Some things that make it exciting
4 player co-op. I'm assuming online. That's my big seller for Colonial Marines.

As for AVP,
yet again the chance to play as the three races

Not alot out besides the trailer and standard info but it looks great. I suggest buying it on the PC since that's the only of the three systems I own.

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Re: Aliens: Colonial Marines/AVP

I was just talking about colonial marines with lord_revan the other day actually. It looks so amazing, im super excited too

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Re: Aliens: Colonial Marines/AVP

I will be definitely  getting Aliens Colonial Marines, it looks really good. GameStop has a release date of 11/11/11 which means they don't know when its coming out, but want you to reserve it. I read somewhere that they were waiting to see how well AVP  does before they give a release date. Here are some screenshots. … re=related

I will also be getting Aliens vs Predator, it also looks very good. Gamestop has it coming out on 2/2/10. Here is an article with a video looks sweet. … e=previews

Re: Aliens: Colonial Marines/AVP

colonial Marines looks totally awesome.  I'm expecting my wife to check if the bodysnatchers got me if I don't pretty much run to the store first day it's out.

Even if I lost both legs, I'd grow new ones and run.

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Re: Aliens: Colonial Marines/AVP

More likely you would just run on your stumps.


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Re: Aliens: Colonial Marines/AVP

My mouth is watering at the chance to play the Predator - read some fantastic game reviews that are already out, and can't wait to get a copy

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