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Woke up yesterday another Red Dust Storm the day before was worst ..all
the area around was Red !!!! couldn't see the Sea or Trail Bay Jail ,all blotted out
with this Red dust ,it really felt like I was living in Mars,,I think I'll delete my Ticket to
Mars,,the dust even got into the House lots of People had their Air-Cons clogged
and burnt out  even got into my Bowie Collection CD and DVD's they were cleaned
first, my Koi's pond was all red ,,and Starbuck who is white was all Pink not nice
for a male Koi  .

Re: I was on Mars !!

Sounds to me like you don't need to go to Mars; Mars came to you. Gee!! would our space agencies save some so much money and resources if alien worlds came to us instead of us building spacecraft to go to them. LOL

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Re: I was on Mars !!

Was this in Australia?

Because we had a HUGE dust storm last week and the sky was litterally red. … rm_6am.JPG

More awesome pictures here:

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Re: I was on Mars !!

Yes Revan  my cousin was Camping where the Storm started she sent me some great
photos in fact it looked like a Huge Red mountain coming towards her
I'm still getting  the Dust out of my House ,, even my poor Boba Fetts were covered