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Half-Life 2 wrote:

(I have changed my character in to a vampire.)

Chaos turned to the other vampire and jumped to him. The other vampire quickly turned around and round housed kicked Chaos in the jaw.

"Now i under stand the power of the amulet. It turns you into a complete bad a-"

Chaos was cut off by the vampire with another hit to the jaw. Chaos copied his exact movements as if his own, he was able to snatch the amulet and knock the vampire out. The amulet began to glow and shoved itself into the opening in his chest. Sorry, you cant change the race of your character after all thats happened. Also, you cant take the centerpoint of this rpg, and change it so that its now YOUR rpg. You clearly have not read what is going on in this rpg, you consulted no one when you decided to take the amulet and put it in your characters chest, which has NOTHING to do with the plot of this rpg. I admire your spirit, but you clearly do not know what you are doing my friend. And you dont seem to care.

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Re: RPG: Supernatural II: Rise of the Vampire Mage

**I'm sorry Half-Life 2, but Val is right. As RPG author I permit your character as fair game to other players...**

Emeline looked over the gathering of beings, generally she did not share her knowledge of the Amulet of Delkath nor of Ansgar the Destroyer, but times were dire and right now she could use all the help she could get.

“We don’t have much time, so I’ll keep this short. The Amulet of Delkath, the amulet that seems to be so popular today, is actually a key.” Emeline started.

“A key to what exactly?” Fen snapped.

“If you’d let me finish I’ll tell you. The amulet is the key to Ansgar the Destroyer’s tomb. Ansgar is a vampire and a mage. Worse he’s a necromancer, meaning he controls the dead. As you can imagine, he loves power, therefore he wants everything dead. He was sealed in his tomb centuries ago, the only item able to release him is the Amulet of Delkath.” Emeline told.

“Can we destroy the amulet to stop its use?” Avlynn asked.

“No, to destroy it would also release Ansgar.” Emeline told. She was about to continue when they heard fighting. “It’s here, kill the bearer if you must as their only desire is to take the amulet to Ansgar’s tomb.”

Avlynn shifted to Fen’s side. “Let’s hunt together, my friend. Like old times...”

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The team of seven marched into the cemetary and the fog enveloped them. They immediatly began losing track of one another and had to stay close. This was was...surreal. It muffled sound and masked scent.

"Alright, lets split up and look for the bearer." Dan suggested.

"Isn't that what's said right before everyone is picked off one by one?" Avlynn said cocking her eyebrow

"Yes, but we arent half naked irresponsible teens. We're monsters and monster slayers." Dan said as he took three large flares from a pouch and cracked them open. He jammed them into the twisted bark of a tree next to him in such a way that it was visible from all sides.

"Ok, after 10 minutes meet back here and report. We want the amulet, but we also need to know where the crypt is for Ansgar." Dan said to everyone. It was the best way to cover ground, so no one seemed to opposed. Three squads broke apart, the slayers Dan and Lev, the old friends Fen and Avlynn, and the two vampires with the newcomer. Each squad disappeared into the fog.

After a few minutes and quietly trodding through row after row of ominous gravestones, Lev called for a halt.

"...hear it?" He asked.

"Yes....50-60 yards...that way." Dan said pointing his G36c in a direction of 'thud's and voices. The two slayers broke into a jog and with military precision tracked down the source.

Dan and Lev ducked behind a large family grave stone and peered over the edge when close enough. What greeted then was a large, purple and black monstrosity. Their warding stones told them it was a vampire. It had wings, and a freakish purple helmet. In its hand was the amulet of Delkath.

The previous bearer, the vampire in the fedora and suit, was sitting against the wall of a large mausoleum entrance, attempting to overcome the shock from being possessed by the amulet and also being attacked by the purple monstrosity.

Dan began to relay ambush commands with hand signals, and Lev responded as well: Swing around to the left, behind him. Encircle, position, fire, move in for the kill. Covering fire.

Dan sprung up and quietly ran around through the fog to get behind him and Lev leaned over the gravestone and began unloading with his .44 magnum and express revolver. Several bullets wizzed by, but then began to pepper his body and the creature dropped the amulet to the floor.

As the creature howled in rage and annoyance it spun around and fired a large pistol at Lev, which missed.


Lev blew apart the creatures knee and its leg flew off. It fell to the ground and Lev stood up and emptied his pistols at him, blowing his left arm off with the powerful pistols. He ducked behind the grave stone to reload and the creature took flight, hissing in pain.

At this point, Dan was behind the creature and when full auto on his ***. He fell from the sky like a dying bat, screaming in anger as his wings were littered with holes. It fell to the ground with a thud and Dan walked up to it. It was still alive, but healing fast and would soon be able to fight again.

"Its healing." Dan called to Lev. Dan locked eyes with the creature as it breathed heavily. It could not speak becase a bullet had shattered his jaw, and teeth were scattered across the ground. His tongue hung from his head, the lower jaw no longer present to keep his loud mouth shut.

"FINISH HIM!!!" Lev called as he finished reloading.

Dan looked at Lev, and then met eyes with the creature once more and he watched the jaw begin to reform. Dan withdrew his long katana.


"...Death, is only the beginning. This fatality will simply-." The creature was cut off by the katana slicing through the air, seemingly dragging wind with it, and severing his head from his body. It fell to the ground with a mushy thump, and the body went limp. Dan swung the katana swiftly to the side, the blood on the blade flying off.

".................Flawless Victory."

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Emeline, Ronson and Morgan arrived on the scene as the slayers took the final blow against the amulet’s bearer. Emeline immediately removed a cloth from her pocket and picked up the amulet by its chain.

“Put it down before it possesses you,” Ronson advised.

Emeline shook her head, “This cloth is blessed by the Oracle, it counters the amulet’s curse.”

“Nifty, can I have one of those?” Dan asked.

“I have a different job for you,” Emeline informed the slayer. “Burn the beast you slay. It may be without head but it’s always best to be sure.”

Dan smiled, “What the lady wants, the lady gets.”

“Good,” Emeline turned to Morgan, “You are more than you let on. Your sense of smell can tell us much. Please scent the amulet and track down Ansgar’s tomb.”

Morgan looked disgusted. “I’m not a hound dog.”

Avlynn and Fen arrived at that moment. “You want a hound dog?” Avlynn asked, “Fen’s your man.”

“Excellent,” Emeline said as she held fortFed toewe also nge/p>

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Ifture l aldy wef sme hereitfore me.

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Re: RPG: Supernatural II: Rise of the Vampire Mage

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Half-Life 2 wrote:
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Re: RPG: Supernatural II: Rise of the Vampire Mage

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Ifture l aldy wef sme hereitfore me.

Re: RPG: Supernatural II: Rise of the Vampire Mage


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Re: RPG: Supernatural II: Rise of the Vampire Mage

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Re: RPG: Supernatural II: Rise of the Vampire Mage

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Re: RPG: Supernatural II: Rise of the Vampire Mage

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It was like thousands of voices cried out for a sequel and were suddenly silenced...

Re: RPG: Supernatural II: Rise of the Vampire Mage

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Re: RPG: Supernatural II: Rise of the Vampire Mage

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Re: RPG: Supernatural II: Rise of the Vampire Mage

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Re: RPG: Supernatural II: Rise of the Vampire Mage

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Re: RPG: Supernatural II: Rise of the Vampire Mage

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I am a Role Playing Gamer, like my father before me.

Re: RPG: Supernatural II: Rise of the Vampire Mage

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Re: RPG: Supernatural II: Rise of the Vampire Mage

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Re: RPG: Supernatural II: Rise of the Vampire Mage

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Re: RPG: Supernatural II: Rise of the Vampire Mage

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Re: RPG: Supernatural II: Rise of the Vampire Mage

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Re: RPG: Supernatural II: Rise of the Vampire Mage

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