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What a sight to see this White Whale ,I was looking down from the cliff and there he was
words just can't explain the sighting ,and he has a Mate too,she looks like nothing
compared to Igaloo,,,and he knew he was been watched, put a great show on for us
as he came near ,,and looked up at us,,did we clap,
I think the best way ,to give you a idea on seeing him we had a BIG lottery draw the
night before and a few People commented ''See Igaloo is better than winning the Lottery''
Igaloo hasn't been seen for a couple of Years ,we were thinking the worst,,and now seeing
him a matured male ,now there will be a Jnr soon

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Did you write that yourself?

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alright i'm sorry bats but


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OOOPS!!!! I gave the Whale 's the wrong name he is called MIGALOO
means White.
Sorry I was so excited in seeing him if you look up on Google and look up Migaloo
you will see how beautiful he looks in the water,it was magic,
Don't worry I won't say much anymore ,,age catching up I guess