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I must say I was a little put off at ,Captian Jack ,very good-looking ,but the acting
was the Pits,,then I got use to the show now I hear, and I do hope it's true,
that the the Guy who played Spike is joining the show ,,I really only watched Buffy
to see Spike,,and the SF shows are getting less on TV ,looking forward to it

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I Just got turned on to "Torchwood" and "Primeval" recently on BBCA due to the lack of SciFi currently on right now, and I have to say I'm really starting to llike them both. Took me a while and quite a few reruns to get what was going on but I can see why it's popular in GB. Plus now they have "Primeval" on the SciFi channel. They needed something since Stargate and Sanctuary have gone off. Eureka is supposed to be back next month too. Anything besides those bad B movies they show all the time. I watched that "Starrunners" movie last Saturday, with the guy who plays Trip on "Enterprise" and all I can say is they should be ashamed, I have watched Fan Films online with better quality than that.  And I'm not bad-mouthing Fan Films, I love them, Keep on doing what you guys do. I just say to SciFi channel, Quality not Quantity. I guess that's why they put STNG on for a 4 hour Tour each day..Gotta fill with something.

So as for "Torchwood" YES, two thumbs up, I'll watch it.

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Yes Jett I do agree with you on your comments about SF ,,I wish they would do reruns
And I can't understand why they didn't do the second season on Surface,,that boy
did a good job in the show ,,just left it in the air
I loved Babylon 5 and ,,Above and Beyond ...good stories  and i'll be looking forwood to
this new Touchwood ,I have asked on the Bowie page as it's English ,and they would be more  up to date,,but on the Losttribe page there 's a guy who really up on SF shows