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If you were a Mandalorian and were shot, you have one bullet and one grenade. What would you do?

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I would shoot my attacker between the eyes, and I would get as close to their leader as possible, then throw the grenade at him. I would take his dazed guard's weapon, and gun down everyone I could until they killed me.

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I would shoot the person who shot me, then I would either throw, or just arm the grenade depending on how close my enemies are to me.

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limp away, play dead when necessary, and hope i don't get 'sploded up.

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It depends on where I'm shot. Shot in the shoulder, is a bit different from say getting shot in the chest or stomach. Plus if i am a Mandalorian, it matters because my Beskar'gam would protect many a vital location. A non fatal shot means do what you can, then try to get to relative safety. A fatal shot  would mean take as many with you as you can.

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