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I think that the Message Board should have something to make polls, you's with me? smile

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Everettj, great idea. We've had polls throughout the years here, but once we start a question or two, we haven't had contributors to change up the questions.

So, if we were to start right now, what would be some poll questions you'd ask? Include the canned answers, as polls are strict Q&A options, not open-ended answers.

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I have polls on my site if anyone wants to join.....

but nah, no-one really posts... hmm


Good idea Everettj

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Ya the thing about polls is how many times can you ask "omg how great is boba fett on a scale of 1 to 10" before we run out of things worth polling haha

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Polls closely related to news have been best. Such as, how was that Fett-like character on the Clone Wars show? (Question, of course, needs an expert to correct me.)