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Topic: Clone?

So I am wondering how I can change the title below my avatar from "clone" to anything else? Is this title connected to Reputation/Karma?  or is this a dumb question?

I tried to make changes through my profile but I did not see anything that looked like what I was looking for.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

(OK, so now after I posted this message I became a renegade. I guess that means that the title is connected to your board activity yeah?)

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Re: Clone?

post count increase, different forum titles

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Re: Clone?

Go to your profile and see the 'profile menu' on the left. There are 'essentials' , 'personal' , 'messaging' , 'personality' , 'display' and 'privacy'  Go to 'personal' and edit your title from there.

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Re: Clone?

The title is connected to stars, which are all about how many posts you have...you can leave your title blank to use the forum default

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