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At the Power Museum,,they are having a Special Star Wars show and I'll be going as I'll be in Sydney
so if you hear on the World News that lady nwon't let go of Boba Fett  you 'll know who it will
It will great seeing it as well as people walking around with the costumes of Star Wars
I'll see if I can get a photo ,,

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tell him i say hi tongue

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Now that's a great opportunity. Have a good time!!

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Well the show at the Power Museum was very well put togerther got lots of photos
was a bit they had it two parts so the top price was to see both ,,it was great
seeing the Kids running around with their Swords and Cloaks on,
But I really think it was a bit sad ,as they showed on TV with all these People dressed-up in their gear
and said this is what we'll see ,,no TV cameras,,no Star wars people only a couple,and the Kids wouldn't leave
them alone ,l,ucky I got a photo with them
But looking back on the Show I really think Mr Lucas  is really giving Boba Fett  the snob,,nothing on
him ,,the Guy who had Jango's outfit was too busy selling stuff,the only thing I found of Boba fett was the
big Noddy Head ,one which I have, and the ONE model was high up was $200 thought best not to buy bit pricy for me