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How was everybodys veterans day? Good I hope, my Dad sat around and did squat. (Dad's a vet)

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That's what the day is for right?
Same here.

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Up here instead of veteran's Day we have Remembrance Day.  I don't know if the Americans do but we wear poppies as it was originally a Canadian poet and soldier, John McCrae, who composed "In Flander's Fields".  So we had the whole ceremony on Monday at school with a piper and a colour party and a laying of the wreaths.  I was supposed to play The Last Post but I wheedled my way out of it because I have a problem with trumpet solos in front of crowds. 

So then on Tuesday we observed a moment of silence at 11 am.  But other than that Tuesday was a busy day for me.

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Yeah Sev it's Rememberence Day over here in Australia too, we also have the poppies as a symbol of respect. We don't get a public holiday though. We only stop at the 11th hour of the 11 day for a minutes silence.

ANZAC Day however is a public holiday but it accounts for all Australian and New Zealand soldiers alive or deceased.

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You know what gets me....Why did they wait til the 11th hour to stop the war?