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Re: Feedback: BFFC's "Bounty" site

I think it's good.  Didn't look through the entire thing, so can't give any negative feed back as from what I've seen, it's easy to navigate and gives you the info you need. smile


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Re: Feedback: BFFC's "Bounty" site

It's great navigation but it kind of lacks in the picture department.  Don't know whether that's due to copyright stuff though.

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Re: Feedback: BFFC's "Bounty" site

TEF, thanks! Hope you get back to exploring it more soon. smile

Sev, we've connected up what we have from our image galleries, which members here can contribute uploads to. Because of how we're using the images, we fall into fair use, as explained in the site's disclaimer.

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I have seriously lost trace of this topic... hee big_smile

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Re: Feedback: BFFC's "Bounty" site

I would make the background a darker color so the words are easier to see, but thats just me

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