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I just wanted to do a little bragging here and say that I have the coolest wife ever.  My birthday was today and when I came home from work  early this morning, from working the night shift, I had a nice surprise draped over my chair in my computer room.

My wife has a habit of getting me little Fett related stuff, but instead of buying me Fett stuff (because she says she can never get anything at the store I didn't already grab) she'll have talented co-workers or friends make stuff for me as gifts.  So far she's had a co-worker that makes wooden flutes make one with a Mando Skull burned into it.  And she had another co-worker make me a wooden letter opener, also with a Mando Skull carved out on the handle.  Then, one of her co-workers that's also an artist, she had do that Republic Commando picture I showed on here before.  I really liked that.  Looks good on the wall above the Deece.  Well, she outdid herself, this time.

Apparently, the wife of the owner of the comic book store we get our comics from makes custom quilts.  She had a few Batman and Spiderman ones hanging up in the store for sale, so my wife got her to make this for my birthday.

I have a cool geek wife. 


I just wanted to share the pic with you guys, though.  I thought she did a great job with all the different materials she used putting this thing together.  It's pretty thick, too.  She even made it so that you can put a rod through the top and hang it up.  Very thoughtful.  It did end up bigger than my wife expected it to be, but you know I'm not complaining. 


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That's awesome! And, btw, happy birthday!

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Yeah, that is REALLY nice, man! I love it. And happy Birthday!!

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