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Me, personally, it'd either have to be a Rancor or a Acklay. I'm leaning towards Acklay though.

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Rancors are cuddly tongue

Jk but still tongue

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I actually know a Rancor whos name is Cuddles...

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They all sound really scary. In fact I think I would find them all as scary as each other but for different reasons)

Any weapon that is pointed at you is scary as they all have the power to end your life.

The hooded figure would be scary because you could not see their face.

The helmeted one for the same reason.

The hateful glare as you know that unless there is a miracle, it is the end for you.

The robot is also another very scary one as you know you cannot reason with something that has been programmed to kill.

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Mind'n your own buisness sitt'n in bed, or my pile of blankets in the floor since I don't like bed. Lights go out, come back on. Darth Bane standing in your doorway. yikes

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