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Given the opportunity, are there any characters that you would like to make canon in the Star Wars expanded universe?  If so, here’s the thread to intro them!

Give a standard or deeper character sheet, with a history explaining where in the Star Wars timeline your character would exist and what part he’d play in galactic events.

I’m currently in a Creative Writing class in college, and my teacher gave me some ideas on how to make a much deeper character then I’d considered before.  So I’m going to be reworking and diving deeper into the mind and history of my Ralin Drakus character and will post him here as soon as I’m done with it.  Until then, here’s my current version of him:

Name: Ralin Drakus

Age: 25

Species: Mandalorian

Occupation: Freelance mercenary; but also Bountyhunter for the right price/challenge; Follows a strict Honor code and will only accept missions that fit it

Loyalties: To his Clan and Clan Brothers/Sisters

Weapons: Custom sniper rifle; Light repeating carbine *usually kept aboard ship as a back-up;* Matching Mandalorian heavy blaster pistols(strapped to legs Jango Fett style, but a little higher);Jet-pack mounted rocket, usually a high explosive warhead; Gauntlet mounted weapons/gadgets include: Dart/Rocket launcher; A micro-grenade launcher; two wrist lasers, one in each gauntlet; A fiber-cord line with grappling hook for scaling/descending obstacles ; A two-prong retractable18 inch blades in right gauntlet (like those used in the Predator movies);And a personal cloaking device recovered from ancient weapons catch on Dxon; Strength enhanced

Black Mandalorian armor over gray flight-suite; features a black kama (Dark gray in the inside, made of heat-resistant materials to resist blaster shots and protect against the exhaust from the jet-pack, allowing it to be more powerful); High-thrust Jet-pack with light armor plating, making it heavier but much harder to damage or accidentally start

Appearance:5' 10; Strong build, but still fast; Short military style cut brown hair; usually wears a very short growth of beard

Personality: Calm under pressure; Very blunt and to the point with outsiders, but easygoing and cheerful with Clanmates and friends; Extremely protective of those close to him

Ship: Blood Hawk Modified StarViper Assault fighter; Laser cannons replaced with six long barrel Mass driver rifles (which fire a energized projectiles that pass through shields unhindered); Ship is controlled by a R2 droid intelligence that was installed into the main computer, effectively making the entire ship a droid; Crew:1; Passengers: 2; Prisoners: 1 *modified passenger seat, similar to the one used in “The Chronicles of Riddick”*

History/Impact on the Star Wars EU: I have two possible canon roles for Ralin.

*For those reading my FanFic, here are some SPOILERS*

1st, if my FanFic were ever to be made canon, Ralin would emerge as the leading character in that story.  This is the original place where I invented him, and the preferred place I'd use him. 

For those who don't know, Sergeant JC 225 in my FanFic will eventually become Ralin Drakus.  I have a couple of theories on how he'll get the name; my new and now primary idea is that he's adopted by Konnar Drakus; more on him in my second history option.  It will later become clear that he is one of a series of clones specially created by order of Lord Vader to replace his own clone stormtroopers.  Cloned from Kir Kanos, they are only slightly altered from the template; certain loyalties *first to Vader, second to the Emperor* and orders were imprinted into their brains during the incubation process, but little else was changed about them. 

Ralin would be a key leader of Boba's resurgent Mandalorian armies.  I have his history for up to three more stories, but they're far from being worked out, and I think I've spoiled enough of the story for now

2nd, if he was NOT part of my FanFic, I would take the Konnar Drakus option and alter it.  Ralin would be Konnar's literal son.  Konnar, one of the few survivors of the Battle of Galidran and later one of Jango's elite training sergeants for the clones on Kamino, would have passed on and left his armor to Ralin at some point during the Ep. III/Ep. IV interim.

Ralin would go on to be the Mando version of Boba Fett.  His connection to the ancient Mandalorians and his code of Honor would be much stronger then most consider Boba's to be.  He would travel into Wild Space and earn his trade as a Mercenary in the unknown reaches of space for his early manhood years, and return sometime after Ep. VI to take part in the Mandalorian revolt from Imperial rule and the galactic wars of that period

So that's mine, what do you guys have that you'd like to share?

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Re: Possible FanMade Canon Characters

Very cool, mine would be Heri Taldon who was in the Battledome RPG many years ago. I'll have to dig up her character sheet. But basically she was a Jedi Padawan in Battledome, her Master had been killed by one of the other Padawans and they had crash landed on the Battledome planet.

She met up with two mercenaries: Arcuse and Sathik. Arcuse was a complex being who had watched his world be destroyed and now only wishes for vengence. He doesn't make friends easily but he paired up with Sathik who is a walking disease.

Heri came across the two and an unlikely friendship formed. Through her use of the Force she was able to keep Sathik's disease at bay.

She then met Dash, an ex-Dark Jedi who she initially considered an enemy. But the Dark Jedi had put a beserker chip in the young man's mind which would set him on gruesome bouts of rage. Heri and Dash fought back to back and grew close. Heri was almost killed by her traitorous Padawan peers, Dash managed to save her with assistance.

The four managed to defeat and escape the Battledome only to be pursued by legions of Dark Jedi. Heri took them to the Jedi Temple on Yavin IV where they met up with Luke Skywalker. Eventually the Jedi and mercenaries prevailed but at an high cost. Arcuse was mortally wounded. Determined to save him, the Jedi banded and used their healing powers to bring him back, after days of chanting.

Arcuse and Sathik left together to continue their bounty hunting ways. Heri hoped that Dash would stay but he didn't. They met up again years later but their fate is not yet known...

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Re: Possible FanMade Canon Characters

-Geurel Regimas
-mandalorian blade master

hunts exotic beasts for his own trophy wall and for private employers.
if it walks, flys, or swims, regimas has hunted it.
realizing that there aren't many deadly animals that he hasn't caught.
regimas turned to humans big_smile

sometimes capturing many humans at a time, releasing them into the wild only to hunt them down...

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Re: Possible FanMade Canon Characters

Gah!  I forgot about this thread...  Still waiting on getting that character sheet thing, so that's on hold.  However, I'm currently working on a 'self portrate' in my Drawing I class, and it's really of Ralin rather then myself.  If it works out I'll post it on the boards, including here to give a 'under the helmet' look at my Mando

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