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Thought I'd share some of my Mandalorian and clone art. There's nothing specifically 'Boba', but if you're into Mandos and Fett clones... smile

This is one of my original characters. From left to right: Sevets the ARC Commander, Damper the Pilot, Ando the ARC Lieutenant, Vhe'dn Oyre (my personal character), and Racin the Lieutenant. Racin is paler and lighter hair because he had a run in with some acid  tongue

This next one is of Vhe'dn again.

And finally, some sappy crap (What can I say? The clones are cute...)

The first concept I drew of Vhe'dn's armor (not up to date).

Etain Tur-Mukan from the book True Colors, when she is charging through the minefield (whilst very pregnant).

A previously used forum signature, made of my art pieced together in photoshop.

A commission by Ason Ral'ka of his costuming character, Ason Ral'ka. smile

A picture I drew of the first time Vhe'dn's parents met. They are on Nar Shaddaa. On the left is Vhe'dn's Mandalorian mother, Saviin Nehutyc (part kiffar, part human), and on the right is her smuggler of a father, Isasha Oyre (part zabrak, part human).

Second commission of Ason Ral'ka.

A rough comic book page I did for a school project, starring Vhe'dn and Ando. Not my usual quality. : P

Sketches I drew of casual clothing for Ando and Vhe'dn. I love Ando's britches!!  ;D

The 15 year old zabrak padawan of Kael-Shei Aa, named Anon Sky, after my first ever costuming character!

Bez Kyrbe, Vhe'dn's Mando friend, about 4-5 months pregnant.

Kael-Shei Aa, 30 year old Echani jedi knight and friend of Ando.

A commission from Frost K'Amon of his costuming character, Frost K'Amon.

A commission from Bio of his costuming character, Rhylis Kote.

Another commission of Rhylis Kote.

Concepts of an outfit for Vhe'dn while on a very hot, dusty planet.

Another commission of Frost K'Amon.

A commission from Cer'jo Aclos of his costuming character Cer'jo Aclos and Jesri.

A romantic picture of the lovebirds Ando and Vhe'dn, using the previous Vhe'dn outfit concepts.

My part of an art trade with Pheonix023 of her character Net'ra Ca.

My revised armor design for  my costuming character, Vhe'dn Oyre; I plan to make this armor a costuming reality. smile

An old picture of a random Mandalorian.

A new forum signature for me.

A really cool picture of Vhe'dn and the now former ARC trooper Ando. By this point in their relationship, they've gotten Ando some fancy new Mandalorian armor.

Sintas Vel, Boba's ex, a stamp template I drew up for a class.

Vhe'dn Oyre on Coruscant, snooping around with the ARC sevets, during the last installment of the Oyre Effect.

I have more art at my deviantart gallery at , and am also open for commission for all those interested. smile

Let me know what you all think!  smile

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nice stuff.  the vibrant coloring is attention grabbing, i like the sinitas stamp.

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as a fellow artist i have to say...nice work

well done ner vod

welcome to the boards

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Great stuff!

You're especially good with colors and faces, and as Cujo said, Great attention to details.

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That's amazing! Great job! I love Ason Ral'ka's armor. The black and gold color scheme is great!

Welcome to the BFFC! Glad to see another artist joined, there's too few!

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