Topic: Kal Skirata's armor

Is there any pictures of Kal Skirata in full beskar'gam? I can't seem to find any. Vor entye for those who respond.

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Re: Kal Skirata's armor

theres one of him from the waist up...

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Re: Kal Skirata's armor

I've seen an even better one then that, though this seems to be based on the exact same thing... nothing more in the pic, just a better quality if I remember correctly.  That annoying dude peter *not the one with the Simpsons Av, some other peter I havn't seen in a while* had it as his Av.  Maybe it was the same and just looked better smaller...  I'll try to find it and check


This guy's Av: … 14&p=7, second post.  Now that I see it again, it probably is the same pic, so nvm my above statement

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