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I've just finished reading an Aliens novel and figured it'd be fun to do an RPG...

Setting: Iapetus (moon of Saturn)

Year: 2158

The Rules:
1. You may create any character you want. Clarify their name and species so others can follow their actions easily.

2. You can kill characters you create but you can't kill other people's characters unless they say they have been killed in battle with you.

3. You can have any weapon you want but you can only have what your character could physically carry - otherwise they wouldn't be able to move.

4. Be consistent, eg if someone says they blew up a building, don't suddenly be assaulting it.

5. If you have sustained many wounds you will have to either get medical help or eventually die.

6. Follow the storyline, sure add a few twists and turns but allow others to see where you want to go so they can help you get there.

7. Have fun.

The darkness of space was all consuming, the shadow of Saturn concealed a ship not unfamiliar to the system. However it's normal destination was the blue and green marble some distance off. For the moment it was picking up a signal that had been humming for centuries, ever so quiet and easily missed.

The moon, known as Iapetus to the human world of Earth, appeared baron and desolate. Its strange equatorial ridge had been an interesting feature on the moon, why it was there nobody really knew. But perhaps the answers were about to unfold.

Chechande stood at the helm watching the moon enlarge before him. The signal was foreign yet there was some familiar element.

Cold planets and moons were generally of no interest to a Yautja but this one called of intrigue. Chechande was a warrior foremost but he knew that alien technology could sometimes enhance their own. Anything to make the hunt more intense was always a motivator for exploration in Yautja culture.

It didn't take long for the ship, Tek'naj, to find orbit around Iapetus. Once there Chechande and a handful of his finest would jettison in their personal pods.

Name: Chechande
Species: Yautja (Predator)
Gender: Male
Weapons: Shoulder cannon, staff, wrist blades - the usual Predator get up
Appearance: Tall for even a Predator, he wears the thermal netting and has some minor skeletal trophies around his belt.


The Chilly Fox, Exploration Shuttle orbiting Hyperion

Communications Analyst Natalie Bryan sat sipping her coffee through a straw as she listened to the crew nattering on about the dirt particles they were currently examining. She shook her head and was glad to be on the ship rather than on the strangely shaped moon. The ship had to constantly adjusted to the chaotic orbit the moon had to Saturn, Natalie didn't really understand why the moon needed further research. It was basically rock and ice.

She leant back in her chair and decided to flip through the audio channels, surely there had to be something more interesting to listen to then the bunch of pencil necks on the moon below. She let the scanner do its thing, it skimmed for a while and then found something that made Natalie's brow furrow. The noise was garbled and sounded almost like an SOS bleep.

Natalie thumbed the com switch, "Ah guys, I think you need to listen to this." She patched through the signal and waited for their response.

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Sitting in the Small control bunker, watching the space-sky when the comm beeped: "Ah guys, I think you need to listen to this." Then a sound came through the speakers, that sounded a little like an SOS.
Jax hit the reply button and held it down: "Hey Natalie, its Jax. The Doctor and his collegues are a bit busy. Can I take a message?"
Jax released the reply button and waited for a response.

Name: Jax
Age: 28
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Weapons: EEK-1 (Sub-machine gun) Wolf-44 (Semi-automatic pistol) Combat knife
Appearance: Black hair, blue eyes, white skin, in a MARINE-JUMPER suit (Vaccum sealed suit with space helmet and a few armor plates, all painted different shades of green)

Background: Jax signed up with the Marines to get away from his oppresive family, at age 18. He served two terms of service on Mars helping the resolve the infamous one-year long war with no-good colonists, after that he signed up for security jobs to help protect UW (United world) cargo-ships from pirates. After that he was recruited for this 'special' job....

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Smoke walked heavily down the long hallway from the observatory Hyperion's  surface. Security was tight, no ship was to so much as approach the system without his approval. With all the tests going on, the moon is on lockdown. He was on his way to the security control wing, almost an entire mile from the lab section. Word of an SOS had reached his ears, and he wasn't happy.

Name: Griffin Weskar (More commonly known as "Smoke" or "Mr. Blonde")
Species: Human (or...not...)
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Weapons: X Frame .500 Revolver, M68C Assault Shotgun
Appearance: 6' 4", slicked golden blonde hair, heavy muscular build, always wears a gas mask (but black), black military fatigues with black equipment vest under black leather duster coat, black knee high cowboy-style boots, and black leather gloves.

((...he's not the villainous you can see...))

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**Rev, the humans are on Hyperion not Iapetus yet tongue **

The Tek'naj had traced the signal to the equatorial ridge, it hadscanned the ridge and had been unable to penetrate the surface of the mountainous landform beyond the ice. Chechande had a readout of the few details acquired and it seemed that the ridge was hiding something. He suspect that there was some sort of underground complex in the mountain, but only exploration would confirm this idea.

With its powerful laser, the Tek'naj had cut through the surface layers of ice. The laser beam had finally been blocked by a heavy alloy which did not seem to be part of the natural moon surface. Scans had come back to reveal and surface that was not natural, it had been built by something from inside the mountain.

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((Tis what everyone else thinks...MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!))



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Name: Lieutenant Steve Gorman, Number A09/TQ4.0.56124E3 known also as Eagle.

Species: Human Colonial marine

Gender: Male

Weapons: M41A pulse rifle, With the UGL and two M4A3 pistol

Appearance: Standing at six foot exactly, with short black hair, crew cut style, Wearing full black with his fatigues tied at the top of his standard issue assault boots wearing also a black assault vest and his respirator (British army S10 style) residing in his Respirator haversack attached to his assault vest. With a knee pad on his right knee which is painted white. He also has a british flag on his left sleeve.

Lieutenant Steve Gorman walked the corridors of a small Colonial marine patrol vessel which was closely guarding the The Chilly Fox, an exploration vessel.
On board are 2 platoons of men (64 in total) also on board are two UD4L Cheyenne's and two M577 A.P.C.

"Sir we just got word from the fox, they just picked up an SOS beacon, Were getting it too faintly. B platoon is getting Prepped, A Platoon is on stand by, Captain Loncho's orders sir" A comms operative sounded over Gorman's Personal radio.

"Go'cha. Tell the fox what where sending and ask em' if they wanna send any explorers with them" Gorman cooly replied

"roger that sir, out" Gormans answer was confirmed

"Chilly fox this is the Halcyon, We just picked up the SOS beacon, where sending down Bravo platoon, any of you guys wanna hitch a ride?"

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The stucture was old, concealed to the harsh world outside. The temperature was still freezing but then there had been nothing to activate the thermal controls.

Deep in the bowels of the structure sat a frozen alien queen. Ice had formed all over her body, however she was already dead before time could freeze her. Beyond her stood rows of her prodigy. Alien eggs lined the floor, dormant but waiting...

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"Halcyon, this is Chilly fox: Roger that were putting together a team now. Can you specify a RV point? Over."

Jax turned to his co-Comms man: "Yo, Tailer, go to the barracks and see if you can find some dudes who want to go exploring."

As Tailer got up and headed to the door Jax added: "Oh and tell the Doc too."

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name- hachakra
weapons-dual plasma cannons, razor net, disk blades, spear , knife
armor- standard predator armor, celtic mask( the lead predator from avp was a celtic)

Hachakra stood in his chambers, surrounded by smoke and strange carvings. he attached his plasma cannons, making sure his pack was fully charged. he tested his camo netting, it worked well...for now. it was still vulnerable to water, a fact which annoyed most of his comrades. he loaded his disks and his net, listening to the locking click. finally he lifted one of his 3 helmets.  placing it on, he attached the necessary tubes and wires. his eyes flashed white as he switched viewing modes...the hunt was on...

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Specices: Human female

Affiliation: Smoke's right hand gal.

Appearance; Tall with Short blonde hair. Edgy looking cut. Is muscular build, with defined muscle tone, lean, but has a "shapely" figure. Wears tank top with ammo vest over. Always wears thigh high laced up leather combat boots and fingerless leather gloves.

Personality: Love guns, weapons, killing things that deserve it and some that really didn't. Prefers action to in activity. Not known to be emotional or excessively caring. Loyal to Smoke.

Weapons: BFG 9000 (but she like to just refer to it as BMFG), and a pair of black antique DE's worn on hip holsters.

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Natalie was analysing the signal, the bleeps were irregular but they were in a repeating pattern. "I'm getting the computer to analyse this further," Natalie said through her com. "Seems to be coming from Iapetus."

Natalie swung around in her chair. "Its orbit is coming close to Hyperion, well as close as it gets. That might be why we're only just hearing it now."

Turning to the Navigator, "What sort of ETA would we have to Iapetus?"

"Two hours max," the Navigator confirmed. Natalie relayed the message.


Chechande took a moment to examine the exposed wall. The carvings were intricate but the language was one he’d come across before. His helmet immediately translated. With a large finger he found the point he was looking for. A small carving was etched deeper with the others.

Chechande pressed the image. There was a hiss and then a door opened. It was right at the edge of the laser cutting but there was enough room for the Yautja to get in.

Hachakra sent a message to Chechande, he was leading a second group. Chechande already had three other hunters with him. He didn’t see the point of Hachakra coming but he did not let that bother him.

Chechande was the first to step into the cavernous room. Lighting was coming online, seemingly activated by their presence. He could hear the room pressurising, there was no airlock but it seemed that an invisible barrier was keeping the air from escaping.

There was no time to wonder about the air, all of the Yautja were able to breath through their own equipment so they didn’t worry about the atmosphere. Instead they began to search.

The main room was huge, their ship would have easily been able to fit into the yawning space. Chechande went through his visual modes to get the best view. A line ran through the room, almost like a train line but with only one rail. Chechande knelt down and touched the rail. He watched as it glowed pink from his touch. A sound echoed from some distance away.

All the Yautja trained their shoulder cannons in that direction. A light glowed, a tiny speck that was growing larger and brighter.

“Transport,” Chechande voiced to the others. They waited as the transport approached them and stopped where Chechande had touched the rail. The doors opened to an empty carriage. Chechande tilted his head and noticed that the seats were slashed and windows were lined with fractures. What really got his interest was the acid burn in the floor.

Chechande clicked his mandibles together as he moved it to examine the burn. It was as he thought, “Hard meat.”

The other Yautja joined him, he could smell the musk of excitement coming from them. Perhaps Hachakra’s coming would not be a waste after all.

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Lights were coming on but in some places shadows remained. Heat was seeping back into the ancient fortress. Icicles fell from the dead alien queen. Movement stirred in one of the eggs, becoming reanimated…

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Chechande and his fellow hunters boarded the battered train. They had kicked the windows out so they could have a quick escape if need be. The train was relatively quiet as it rolled through the complex.

The lighting was duller the deeper they went and Chechande was growing more wary as he saw signs of an ancient struggled. Items were knocked about but there were no bodies. This only seemed to confirm that the hard meat had been here.

The train slowed and the Yautja cautiously made their way out. The place was dead but they weren’t about to drop their guard. The train stopped at a small station of sorts.

Chechande stepped forward and found the first trace of the people who had built the facility. A skull lay on the ground under a bench. Chechande picked it up, “Naktar,” he said to the others.

They grunted in acknowledgement. The Naktar were builders by nature, they picked an area and colonised it as a home to their large numbers. They were like the ants of earth. The Naktar even had specially bred soldiers that the Yautja had found to be good prey. The fact that this facility was empty so far suggested that the Naktar had been overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of the hard meat.

Chechande placed the skull back on the ground. He walked into the station to find it a disarray of paperwork. Clear sheets with writing on them were strewn across the room.

His attention was diverted as Acknade called. Chechande emerged to see that Acknade had a small skeletal form held up with the two lethal blades from his wrist gauntlet. It was the remains of a face hugger. This confirmed his theory.

“Hard meat,” Acknade said with pride.

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"This is Halcyon sorry about the wait chilly fox, we've dispatched a recce team, about 4 hours ago, we lost contact with them 20 minutes ago they found some sort of base shortly after we lost contact so where sending down our guys in an hour or so, we'll land just outside the base an unload the APC's and scout around, you can either go with B platoon or wait till its clear and go down with A platoon, We'll take and secure the base and use it for further ops. where raising the readiness level to critical, so make sure your guys are armed, Co ordinates for the base are uh 234 east, 781 north. your sensors are stronger than ours so can you guys use em' to give us a blue print of the base? over"

Lt. Gorman stood in the armory, attaching his sling to his rifle and holstering his handguns.

"Bex? throw us a thermal mono there!" Gorman shouted over his back

"Dont you ever do anything for yourself?" Bex sighed tossing over a thermal monocular

"Why do it myself when i have a capable soldier as yourself to do it for me?" Gorman grinned back as he attached the thermal monocilar to his mounting on his helmet

Gorman then switched to his internal comms

"A toon, Prep yourself, where gonna go down with B platoon as soon as we get some sort of blue prints. I need a squad from each toon to stay behind"

"Chilly fox, this is the Halcyon, Lieutenant Gorman here, Both toons will be going down together. your welcome to join us when ever you want out"

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Smoke stood over Haze at the Communications console in the security wing. "Where- *huff* -is the signal coming from?"

"Iapetus; It's it's coming from the ridge somewhere."

"Damn. Assemble a- *huff* -team, I'll meet you at the docks in 15 minutes."

"On my way."

Smoke made a stop at the armory to collect some 'goods'. He grabbed several cans of shotgun shells and special .500 ammo, an M68C Auto shotgun, and another...item. He stuck the contents into a large duffle bag, then proceeded to the transport.

Haze was standing at the boarding ramp along with 12 elite soldiers.

"Let's git-r-done."

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With senses beyond the known, an egg's lips parted. The fleshy inards were displayed and a spider-like creature twitched. Life was nearby. With pale finger like appendages, the face-hugger crawled from its egg...

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Name: Dachande (Yay ripped off names:P)
Species: Yautja
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Appearance: Rather tall muscular. Lower right mandible was broken in a fight. Mask has deep gouges running across it. Wearing the standard preddy netting stuff. Heat/projectile resistant kama type thing, held up by belt made from xenomorph tail, skulls hanging from belt. Scraps of uniforms from killed marines. Animal skulls hung from belt.
Equipment: Whip, plasma caster dual wrist blades, spear.

((Great, dont have my AVP books with me, so no preddy terminology sad ))

Dachande was in the training halls watching the novices fight. One of them defeated their opponent and roared a challenge, pointing at Dachande. Dachande growled and removed his mask, revealing the broken tusk that was his namesake. He thrust his mask into the hands of one of the many novices, and stepped forward. Climbing onto the platform he faced the novice. This one was massive, and strong. But he was unskilled, he did not think. He would make a mistake and die. Dachande crouched, and began to circle. The novice charged, and moments later found himself meeting the wall outside the ring forcibly. Dachande stood and called for his mask. He then headed to the bridge, he wanted to see what his old freind was up to.


The Kainde Amedha had been here, and that meant they probably still were.  The moment he saw the larva, Dachande began to cycle through his filters, coming to the one that detected the Xenomorphs. A quick scan. Nothing. "Perhaps the Kainde Amedha has died off.  If none molted the droned could have died, there may not be a queen, it has happend before." he suggested.

"No, there was a queen here.We must kill her."

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**So Adeptus which party is your Pred with? Net's or Regimas's?**

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"Tell The chilly fox A platoon is going down, B platoon you guys can wait for your share of the fun" Lt. Gorman said as he fastened the chin strap on his helmet.

"Pathfinder platoon, Check your computer read outs and report in, you got 20 secs to do so" He then said as he lifted down the harness in the UD4L Cheyenne, Also attached was one of the M577 A.P.C.

Then over the radio came the all clear from 15 of his men, the other half where staying behind if they where needed they could be deployed using drop pods in a matter of minutes.

"Sir, my read out says i got enough oxygen in me to say im dead or im gonna die in one second" One of the private's called over

"Give the console a bang on the wall" Caz shouted over, the platoons sergeant, Scarily enough Caz was a girl

"Ahh Caz you always resolve to hitting things" Gorman called over

"Learnt from yourself sir" she winks back, Caz was one of the four smartgunners on board.

"Lets do this thing!" Gorman shouted as he gave the pilot the thumbs up,

"Roger that sir, ETA 15 minutes till drop zone, How bout' some music" The pilot called over as he put on the classical Rise of the Valkyries on.

Lt. Gorman sighed "You americans and your crazy ideals" He grinned

The pilot just winked back and turned the volume up

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"Rodger that Halcyon are guys will meet up with B platoon. Be advised designation for are group is Theta squad, I will be taking command of this sqaud. Expect around 12 Marines. ETA 10 minutes...also the Doctor and his crew are going to be taging along. Prepare to recieve civys, Over."

Jax clicked off the com.

"Ok, Tailer your taking over, I'll see I can bring ya back a souvenior"

"Yeah, you do that."

Jax grinned and grabbed his rifle and headed for the hanger.

"See you around Tailer."

2 minutes later Theta squad was heading for the RV point.

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Chechande turned and realised Dachande was on a mission, “We don’t even know where the nest is.” Chechande said harshly.

“I can feel them, they’re near.” Dachande claimed.

Chechande shook his head, “You know the drill, if they are here than it’d likely that they’re dormant. We don’t want to disturb them until we find suitable hosts.”

Dachande bristled, “If we can locate the nest then we can go back to the ship and find hosts.”

“Or you’ll end up as one,” Chechande said as he stood tall. He didn’t need this sort of behaviour from his team mate.

Acknade approached, “The train looks like it can go deeper into the facility. Shall we continue our search?”

Chechande nodded, “We shall.” He turned to Dachande, “Don’t go running off we need to stay as a team while searching.”


Natalie sat back in her chair and listened to the bantering going on between the other ships. They’d be landing soon and already the excitement was building.

Natalie flicked through the cameras and found the view outside. She saw the orb that was Iapetus grow larger as they got closer. It looked so lifeless, devoid of any type of landscape other than dirt or whatever it was. She was sure that the scientists would correct her naive assumption.

“Are we picking up where that signal is coming from?” she heard someone ask.

Natalie did a search, “Seems like it’s almost coming from underground.”

“Makes sense,” the Captain replied, “We don’t have any visuals of other craft.”

“Almost seems like it’s coming from that ridge that runs around the moon,” Natalie said, “We’ll need to land to find out if it does.”

“Wait we can see something, there’s a huge crater in the mountain side.” The Captain said with surprise.

Natalie zoomed in her camera view. “That’s new, looks almost like a laser burnt into it.”

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After a moment Dachande spoke. "We must exterminate them."

Chechande whirled, growling. "No! We will revive the colony, and gain honor and glory by hunting them."

"Fool! This hive is to close to the Ooman's home world. They could detect something, stumble across it. If a single drone makes it onto a ship and hides until it docks. It could molt. A single queen could doom the planet. Destroy the Oomans. Just because you are shipmaster, do not assume that your honor is greater then mine. You are blinded by what you precive as glory. This hive must die."

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“You forget your place, Dachande. I am no fool. I know what the hard meat is capable of, I have been a hunter far longer than you.” Chechande reminded the younger hunter.

“We can’t let the hive become a threat,” Dachande growled.

Chechande eyed Dachande through his mask, “Your concern is appreciated. If things do go astray we will eradicate the threat like we always have.”

“By annihilation?” Dachande asked with disbelief.

“It is our way. I know as well as you that the hard meat is not to be trifled with. But there is much to learn from this place.” Chechande said as he looked at the structure.

“We are hunters, technology is no great gain,” Dachande hissed.

Chechande stepped forward, “To increase our prowess we must hunt a variety of creatures. To get to those creatures we must travel, often to other worlds. Without technology this would not be possible.”

Dachande was silently fuming and was about to respond when they heard the sound of metal scraping across metal.

Acknade tapped his chest, “The Oomans come.”

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"Engage your shiftsuits, we can let them do our scouting for us." One of the younger Yautja said.

Chechande nodded, and the Yautja cloaked, and found suitable hiding places to observe from.

After a while they saw a train coming, like the one they had used. "Do not attack them. We will observe." Chechande ordered.

The humans entered, smartgunners first, followed by standardly equipped marines. Their shoulder and gun lamps waver, illuminating the area. One of them spotted the dead larvae, and prodded it with his gun. It opened its mouth, speaking in its strange language. "What the hell is that?" it said, staring at the dead creature.

"I dont know, looks like some weird cave spider. Probably not that dangerous." said another.

" God I hate spiders, you think there are more?" the first Ooman said.

"I dont know, but this thing looks like its been dead for a long time."

"Ugh, lets get on with it and get out of here. This place gives me the creeps"

Dachande tilted his head, as always wondering what the creatures said. He watched as they moved on.

((going to put human speak in italics from now on.))

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