Topic: Vote for Boba Fett in 2008 merchandise

Vote for strong leadership in 2008.  Vote for Mandalore.  If a country gets on our nerves.  Disentigrate them.

I saw some t-shirts like these available on eBay the other day that were sold at the Comic Con this year.

However, I just found this on the Star Wars website.  Very, very cool.

Be sure to vote for "our" favorite.  I'll take one of each, please. … PN=swsem08

Looks like someone intends to cash in on the Fett man this year.  You're breaking me, George, you're breaking me.


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Re: Vote for Boba Fett in 2008 merchandise

Boba FTW wink

Fear! Fear attracts the fearful...fear is my ally.