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Well, i'm sure you know about green's bordering on infamous"Bar Fight" well I'm actually going to try to be creative, this is sort of a SW version of that

The cantina on Tattooine was remote, serving mostly tired moisture farmers, who had all left for the night. The twi'lek barmaid was cleaning the tables, when she heard the door hiss open, odd, considering it was after closing hours.
She looked up, and was shocked to see a Rodian, escorted by three large Tuskens.

"Good evening, Madam."

She responded hastily, allowing a bit of anger to seep into her voice "The cantina is closed." One of the tuskens made an odd sound, which was most likely laughter.

"What do you want?"

The Rodian turned his head. "The same thing your Mandalorian friend did."

"Are you willing to pay me?"

"We will pay you with your life." the Rodian said, and one of his Tusken's stepped forward, brandishing a gaffii stick, and the other grabbed her, holding her back. The Rodian pulled a force pike from his belt. extending it and holding it towards the Twilek's face. She tried to lean away, but the Tusken held her head in place. A whipcord came from nowhere, wrapping around the Rodian's wrist and pulling it away

"Let her go."

One of the Tusken's raised its weapon,  and charged, but was lit on fire, and ran screaming from the building. During the confusion he dived behind the bar, pulling a vibroblade from his belt. One of the Tuskens came around the corner, and was quickly dispatched. The final Tusken fired a rifle, the bullets pinging  off of his armor harmlessly. He pulled out a blaster and killed the Tusken with a headshot. The Mandalorian went to see to the Twi'lek, who had been knocked unconscious.  He revived her quickly, and turned, searching for the Rodian, who had disappeared without a trace

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beautiful, can't wait for the next part to come!

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That's quite clever vod. Nice work. This is called inspired by something, while actually be original work.

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LOL, nice work big_smile very good big_smile

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a star wars bat fight...i like the jump-off. look forward to more...
nice avatar change by the way...when was the last time the wind hissed at you? tongue

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That's very nice, AA. As Fett_II said said " I can't wait to see more! " big_smile

Yes, very, very good! Keep up the great work! big_smile big_smile

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