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Hey everyone, I thought it would be fun to have a topic where we post funny Star Wars products that we come across or that we make up and think they're funny. Considering the complexity and potential of the Star Wars universe, the possiblilites are endless. So I thought this first one up and just had to post it somewhere...

Jabba Juice ( a mountain dew like drink that looks like the stuff in the little glass bowl next to Jabba)
Look under the cap for your chance to win a smuggler frozen in carbonite!

from the makers of Boba Bites (graham crackers in the shape of Boba Fett in diffrerent poses): the fun, bite-sized snack that's Sarlacc recommended!

Papa Palpatine's: Better ingredients, better pizza

Imperial Death Star Crunch (little corn puffs in the shape of Death Star's): Just add milk and watch them explode!

Wampa Wig: Ever wanted to look like an old rasta with white dreadlocks? Now its easy with Wampa Wigs! made from real Wampas! (We are not responsible for dangerous encounters with live Wampas during their mating season)

Kessel Run Rampage (video game): Take control of your favorite star ships in this insane, action packed racing game!

Air Anakin's (sneakers): Ever wanted the power of the Force in your...feet??? Now you do with Air Anakin's! (Do not attempt to Force Jump while wearing Air Anakin's)

More to come, need inspiration?

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Good ones V.


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How about a toilet paper named Sith Wipe? I even made a commercial for it:

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Wow Miba, lol. That was perfect. Exactly what I was lloking for, but better since you had a video. The part where you use the shot of Obi-wan stowing away onboard Padme's ship had me laughing for a good 7 minutes.

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I am a Role Playing Gamer, like my father before me.

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lol funny stuff, guys.

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