Re: Favorite car(s)?

The Fox wrote:

I know that's fun, but it kills nature!!

the wonders of the western worlds school system and media propaganda machine..............sad

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Never was into cars really; or into the workings of cars/trucks at all when I was younger.  My head was too much into StarWars and the like I guess, so I'm sad to say that probably several of the girls here know more about cars/trucks/and what makes them go then I do.  I'm workin' to fix it though; my manly ego requires it   tongue

I like most any US made pickup trucks, though the newer Fords *especially the 150s* are lookin pretty lame I think.  I'm more into the classic look.  My dad had an old ranch truck that I just loved to death.  Was a 79 Ford Ranger.  Not the little Rangers that are around now, but one of the big babies with a 460 and a load of power.  I really wanted another just like it, but they're too hard to find in good shape now and they're just too hard on the gas money.  My dad's got an 07' Chevy Silverado 3500 heavy-duty now *and since he's retired, I be at the wheel  big_smile big_smile big_smile*

As for Cars, the only one that I can really say I like is the old GTO.  I'm a pickup guy, so don't take notice to cars much *most of them all look the same to me to be honest, with some exceptions like those posted here; and of course the Mustang.*  Those old GTO's really stood out to me for some reason.  Would love one in black and chrome  *see the Blade movies  big_smile*

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