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This is based on the game I'm going to try and make when I'm older. It is based in Space in the year 2406.

Here is the bio.

The year is 2406, and America has launched a brand-new $40, 000 billion space station into orbit....
The President senses something terrible will happen to it, but everything seems fine. 78 brave-willing astronauts, chefs and engineers go forward and take part.

You can make your own character, choosing from a chef, Astronaut or Engineer.

A few years later, something goes horribly wrong. You have to make the deciscions of who lives and who dies...........

here is a picture of the space station.


an Engineer.

An Astronaut.

or a chef.

Name: Mark Follen
Age: 26
Power: 0
Rank: none.
Job: Astronaut
WOC: ( None at first, then a fire extinguisher)  Fire Extinguisher ( later on in the game, then it's an ion cannon )
Defense: 4
Intelligence: 60
Speed: 6
Friends: The Captain, John Zectron and Alec Shlamno

Ahhhhhhhh. thought Mark, as he sat down on the bench, his back was killing him! He reached out and took a small wine glass and filled it with Cognac. He sipped it. He loved parties! They only got one once every two years! They had been here for 4 years now..... A long time , thought Mark.

The Holo-Screen blipped up. It was the Captain. Mark smiled. " having a good time, sir? " Mark said. " Yeah, I am, Mark, I need you up here though, pronto. " said the Captain jollyly. " What for sir? " Mark asked. the Captain looked grim. " I just DO. " said the Captain......................

The Holo-Screen switched off.....


30 minutes later.....

Mark got his belongings and put them in his room. He then sat back down again.


The room vibrated and shook. An alarm went on, wailing.........

Mark was confused. What the hell was going on!? he thought. He slipped over, and banged his head.....

He could hear the Captain shouting on the Screen. People were screaming and bangings and bits of wall broke off with a burst of flames and plastic metal..........

Mark got concussion and switched off............


Mark woke!

The room was silent. He checked his clock. Oh my god! he thought. he had been concussed for 45 minutes now! The Captain would be very mad at him if he didn't shift his ar...........

The Captain, the Engineers, chefs and other astronauts...............

They were Dead?

" Jeeeeeeeeeeeeez! " complained Mark rubbing his head.

He got up and went to the cupboard. There was a key. He took it and put his helmet on. He breathed fresh oxygen. He went to the airlock door and opened it. He stepped out as normal.


It looked darker than before. He shrugged.

he closed the airlock door............

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(Um...that picture of the engineer is a tad too old for this futuristic RPG....)

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(so is everything else.)

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Fett_II wrote:

(so is everything else.)


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( I couldn't find a better one. RD, just because your cool, doesn't give you the right to laugh about my RPG sad

Is anyone going to join? )

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(sure it does - us cool kids can do anything!)

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