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Okay, this RPG is basically fiction and has no timeline from the dawn of time, till now.

You can make your own character and help the fighting in the Meemea Universe, 7.BN4 Planets, Xerx.

You are currently available to choose your characters from the list if you please.

The bad guys are here:

Dark Knights
Evil Wizards
The Oaks ( Tree's that come alive if you don't look at them )
The One's ( Shadow's that move and consume your soul )
and more! ( not spoken of yet! big_smile )

Name: A' rk Hertunv
Age: 18
Power: 59
Shield: Strong Bark shield, tinted with green and gold trims around the edges.
Appearance: Think Link style.
Armour: Purple armour with silver trims around the edges
Weapon(s): Bow and arrows ( 30 ), armour ( 16% ), knife, ice magic and earth magic and his favourite weapon, his sword, silver blade with blue gleam around the edges.
Magic: Ice and Earth.
Friends: Retrof, his wolf and A' k II, his spy ferret.
Vehicle: Speed Boost Magic.


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I don't get it

please explain

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its like the ultimate battle RPG. you can be anyone you want, and u have to fight evils.