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how rare is the full circle no chest emblem boba fett??  right after i got mine i was pissed at first...i was young...but i looked on ebay way back then and found one goin for like $900.  anybody know what its worth now?  i cant find one anywhere and nobody even has a pic...but i got one!!!  any help is greatly appreciated.  curtis!!!!!

Re: boba fett double variant

Can you post a pic of yours? Is it still mint, or is it opened?

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Re: boba fett double variant

The guide that I use has it at $550 u.s. That is mint on card. If its opened then not that much!

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Re: boba fett double variant

sadly its opened, like i said i was young... but i found a c7 goin for 1000 yesterday.  mine'll be on ebay if anybody wants it.  since i cant even find a picture of one im bettin it wont be all that cheap.  never know tho.  if i cant get over $500 then im content w/ keepin it!  it was my first action figure of the red cards...and im only 23 so i didnt get much of an opportunity to buy the originals, tho i have a ton of em now.  ill try and take pictures of my fett stuff before i sell it and show you all.  i know itll be appreciated!  thanks...later on.