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Topic: God War's ( Zeus vs. Hades) !!!

Hello this is an Rpg were god's are fighting amongst them self’s Zeus has lost power and Aries’ and Hades have took the opportunity to start a war between god’s.

What happened was that Ares was getting tired of Zeus telling him which land’s to make fight, and not allowing to choose which lands he wanted to attack. Hades wanted to take power from Zeus so he went to Ares, and his sister Artemis to bade them to join him. They ended up Allying them self with their uncle Hades , not  to help him but in the hope that , they them selves could seize control.
  With all this happening Zeus was unaware of his family member’s intensions, he had always noticed that Hades wanted control but he had never expected this to come from his to children. Hades had a plan that would cripple Zeus’s defenses, his first plan of action was to the dreadful titan’s that Zeus had locked away a long time ago ( Zeus has used Titans in the past but they are controllable ). His second plan was to attack the land that was most close to Zeus  Athens. With the almighty Hades, Aries, and Artemis sneak attacking the land there was nothing Zeus could do but watch in sorrow.
  Zeus mustered up all the fury he had and let out a loud roar that stop the three mighty god’s unchallenged attack, and he said” The dawn of peace is over, and the war of the god’s has begun!”

Okay you guy’s no the rules no over powering character’s, but remember you are god’s you can only have one power though.
Other character’s include:
And Titan ( if you guy’s got different character idea’s pm me.

Titan and human rule : As a titan and human’s you will be working with god’s such as
Zeus, Athena, Ares, Hades,Posedeidon , Artemis, Aphrodite.
Only thing is that you are a lesser god so going up against a great god exp: If you work for Hades and you try to attack Zeus alone expect to have problems most likely you character nearly dieing, but you can level up depending on how you write.

Last but not least good luck and have fun …

Ally: Zeus
Power: The ability of swift speed.
Weapon: Sword of a thousand sorrows (Platnum blade, with gold handle bottom of the handle is shaped as a eagle's head top of handle is wings )  , Shield of the titan’s( Gold shield in shape of a big fist )
Appearance:  Long blonde hair, Tanned skin, wear’s crimson armor with gold plate, and black strapping, winged boots.
History: Before Ares had allied him self with Hades, Rathenyoes  never liked the idea of betraying Zeus, so he stood by Zeus’s side.

Re: God War's ( Zeus vs. Hades) !!!

I was wondering, could I be Cerebus and guard Hades from attacking forces? I know it's not listed, but I'm just curious.

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Re: God War's ( Zeus vs. Hades) !!!

{Cool Rpg}

Re: God War's ( Zeus vs. Hades) !!!

Thylacine wrote:

I was wondering, could I be Cerebus and guard Hades from attacking forces? I know it's not listed, but I'm just curious.

You can be a Cerebus Titan and work for hades that would be cool

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Re: God War's ( Zeus vs. Hades) !!!

Affiliation: Hades
Race: Human (Cursed/blessed depending on your standpoint)
Appearance: Tall man, muscular, skin is gray. Eyes glow red. Wears tattered crimson cloak, black/dark red armor, (similar to this http://www.boolsite.net/images/previews … ator12.jpg but the skirt would be red) Black Spartan Helmet. Skeletal wings which he keeps folded beneath his cloak.
Weapons: Swords like the ones Kratos from God of War has, spear, 300 style shield.
History: A fallen warrior, his might was unparalleled.  He was killed by a large group of berserkers when their archer shot him in the back. Now Hades has revived him, in his new form.

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