Topic: Awesome Downloads from Dark Horse

I found some really cool downloads for backgrounds etc on Dark Horse (they do the SW comics, for those who don't know). There's some awesome Boba, Mandalorian and Clone ones:

Already set this one as my background: … hp?did=518

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Re: Awesome Downloads from Dark Horse

This ones mine: … hp?did=329 tongue

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Re: Awesome Downloads from Dark Horse

Gah too cool! I wont have reason to be bored with my background now. If i was at home i would set it.

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Re: Awesome Downloads from Dark Horse

Those are nice! I saved all of them, in case they later take them down and we can't find them anymore. So in the future if anyone needs one and they aren't there.... I have all of them except the Clonetrooper one at the top, the ecomic one, and the statue ones.

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