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Topic: Favorite Indy (racing) driver?

Yo, Its me,GLOPINO wanting to know who your favorite INDY driver is ,And why?
                                   My favorite driver is, Dan Wheldon.

                                            THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: Favorite Indy (racing) driver?

Ah what a question... aimed right at me. Ms. Indy. wink

Ok I have top 5 actually... and in order of favoritism.

1. Dan Wheldon- Cute, personal and PHENOMINAL driver. Have been following him since Indy Lights.
2. Darren Manning- also cute, personal and a good driver. ( I have a weakness for those UK boys tongue) Its a shame he hasn't gotten a better break when it comes to cars and teams.
3. Tony Kanaan- again personal and a fantastic driver... love him from

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