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Topic: kingdom hearts: The Keyblade War

Hello and welcome to my rp.

The story goes:

Sora arrives back on the island with kairie and Riku only to imediatly receve message from king mickey.
The message stated that all of the worlds had rejoined into one world, but that the heartless still existed. The heartless also had a new leader, a dark lord known only as Nightmare (from Soulcaliber). Under his command the heartless have evolved into a much more powerful force. After the complete destruction of Organization 13 a knew organization came to be, The Chasers or The Hunters. The Chasers hunt for Nightmare, for all of the heartless, and The keyblades of Destiney, with their powerful Lord keyblades and Keylord armor.
They have requested sora and Rikus help in the destruction of Nightmare and the heartless.

no godmodeing
GM's word is law, no exceptions
do not mix rp's

One person to play Nightmare
One person for Sora
One person for Riku

I will be playing as The Lord Mar, The King of all Keyblades and the leader of The Chasers, I am not invincible.

We also need more people to play as Heartless(your heartless can think and act on their own)
and some people to play as The Chasers.
you can choose from these powers to have if you wish:
time slow

Character sheet:

Armor(if any):

Re: kingdom hearts: The Keyblade War

Name: Lord Mar
Class: King of all Keyblades, Leader of the chasers
Weapon(s): Keylord Omega
powers: Fire Omega, Thundar Omega
Armor(if any): Supreme Keylord Armor
Attitude: Masterful, powerful, noble and kind, but extremly seriouse.
Age: 50

Re: kingdom hearts: The Keyblade War

Name: Gxerun
Class: Orginization XII
Weapon(s): Battle key, potion, blizzard, fire
powers: Jumping techinque
Attitude: Serious but happy.
Armour: 20%
Age: 27

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Re: kingdom hearts: The Keyblade War

Name: Korso
Class:Nobody/ 4th seat of the five court of nobodys
Weapon:Dual Keyblades (Dusk,Dawn)
Powers: is very swift abd quick Like a ninja; Cura,Thundra,time slow
Apperence:Blue hair, slender body 5'8, Chinky eyes they apear to look like their closed.Only opens eye when serious or in a good fight which is rare.
Attitude:Playful life like smiles even when he fights,can be sarcastic
Armor:BlackHood( like Roxas/ Axel and rest of the no bodys from kingdom hearts 2)
Age 17
Goal:To stop Chaser's from killing Nobodys.
History:Korso walked down a dark coridor that lead to the meeting room of the 5 court no bodys.They all sat in their seets with serious looks on their faces, (1st seet Radimis, 2nd seet Kamura, 3rd seet Kimiko,5th seet Rai guy)"What took you so long to get here",Radimis said with a grimace.Korso looked at himand smiled and said"No you were just to early", Radimis glared at him and said "thoughs Chaser's and killing innocant Nobodys, and you just joke about it. Those Heartless are giving us a bad name, and we need to act".The whole room turned from Korso to Radimis, Korso took his seet, and Kamura said "You do know we are Heartless to, yes we be good but we are still one and the same."She was going to go on but Rai guy cut her off and said" Radimis is right, but we also has to show the chaser's and that king Mickey that we'er worth preserving.What do you think Korso?"Korso leaned back into his chair and put on a wide smile, by this time ever body was looking at him.
  Korso was thinking wondering what disecion he would make,he looked at everyones angered face and said,"Okay I think that we should go set up a meating with the Chaser Leader and make a peace treaty between us."Everyone gazed at him wondering if he was serious or not.