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Hey people,
Well, as some of you may know, today is the big Talladega Race big_smile  Was wondering if we have any other NASCAR fans here and if you guys have a favorite team.

Personally, I love cars and I love racing so NASCAR is really spiffy to me.  My driver: 9 Kasey Kahne big_smile

P.S.  for those of you NASCAR haters, please don't post on how stupid you think driving in a big circle at high speeds is, thank you smile

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Re: Nascar

Cool,I like cars!Is that track like oval?

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Re: Nascar

my cousin is a big NASCAR fan. he likes Jeff Gordon. i like the National Association of Sports Cars And Racing too.

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Re: Nascar

OMG! we both posted similar topics on the same day. I think you are spelling it wrong though... its NASCRAP. tongue 

Actually I just hate nascar, but thats me and you're welcome to enjoy it though Indy Car Racing is truely the sport of the real race fan. tongue

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Re: Nascar

ok girls, take the racing induced catfights to..........the chat.  I want to watch   big_smile

I don't care for racing.  I was into NASCAR some, started watching just at the same time Dale Earnhart was killed; one of the first races I watched on TV    sad

But after a while, yeah, got boreing watching cars go in circles for hours.  There is a deep stratagy and skill that goes into it, and the last few laps can be very exciting, but I don't follow it anymore

My favorite car was the CAT car when Ward Burton was the driver.  Loved the colors for the car; liked all the mostly black cars.  But the CAT car was my favorite

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Re: Nascar

Hi five to CA!  Have to say Kahne would be my favourite as well because he learned from my favourite all-time driver, Bill Eilliot.  BUt then I also like Karl Edwards for his humble beginnings.

I'm not utterly dissapointed with Kyle Busch winning.  There really isn't any driver I dislike.  But that accident near the end made the top ten a quite unusual one.

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