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                                  I am C3P0 human-cyborg relations.Over the years I have been in many intense adventures with my counterpart R2D2.

                             I have been on many planets, and systems of the galaxy. Planets, and systems such as Naboo, Tatooine, Geonosis, Alderan,
                              Endor, and many more. I have even been in the clutches of the sinister Jabba the Hutt. Yes it is true, I have been in the greatest
                              battles in the galaxy.

                              I was created by the one, and only Anakin Skywalker who later turned into the evil Darth Vader.

                     Well, My message is that I have been in the galaxies greatest battles of all time. You can even ask my counterpart R2D2.
                              He would tell you the same thing.

                              Until next time,   
                This is C3P0 human-cyborg relations saying goodbye!!!

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um what's the purpose of this? and shouldn't it be in the Creative section?

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yo no se

"Some soldiers say that to reach maximum combat efficiency, they need to be in the zone. Sir; I live in the zone." - RC 1207 'Sev' to RC 1138 'Boss'

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oh!why'd ya slice of mah hand?!