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Local radio Station had a News Flash
Man-Eating -Shark in the Bay near the car parking,,they had Sea World People monitoring,,Rangers
and Interviews with the People there ,,the area was packed !!!
There was a MAN -Eating-Shark a very nice battered FLAKE     [ shark ] LOL!! it was packed with People
to see this
I did one with a Banana,,pulled Needle and Cotton though the Banana,,took it into the Nurses Tea Room
and told them about this new Banana that has just come onto the Markets,,when I peeled the
Banana it came out in PIECES !!,,Good thing I knew where to HIDE

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I like this better than the Boba Fett dying joke.

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all i got out of it was that some radio pulled a prank that there was a man-eating shark in Sea World. and that he split a banana on someone.