Topic: Similarities to Iron Man

Exhibit #1:
- Wrist gauntlets? Check.
- Modified armor? Check.
- Fly? Check.
- Strong, silent type? Check.

Any thoughts? The movie comes out in May 2008.

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Re: Similarities to Iron Man

hmmm... I've never thought of their similarities, but you're right. I think their character/attitudes are a bit different...but they do have alota the same equipment. (i must think about this more...)


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Re: Similarities to Iron Man

to tell the truth, the first thing i thought of when he fired the rocked at the tank in the preview was, "hey , that reminds me of boba fett!" the whole wrist-rocket thing, and casual attitude, reminds me of him too

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Re: Similarities to Iron Man

excellent point, i think that's the reason i'm becoming an Iron Man fan. Maybe Tony Stark should have some Fett Memrobilia around his mansion to show that he got some influence from the Fett!! big_smile

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