Topic: Delta Squad vs A Space Marine.

Well, here it goes.

You should all know Delta Squad, they have their standard equipment. And heres the challenger. One Space Marine Captain. Black Templar chapter. Equpiment. Bolter, Chainsword, Krak and Frag grenades. Power Knife. Bolt pistol.

All info on the space marines and the equipment, can be found here 

The terrain would be a forest area, with clearings streams and stuff like that.
Who do you think would win and why?

My answer is obvious. My reasons are that the space marine is superhuman, and he fights things much worse then bugs lizards and droids.

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Re: Delta Squad vs A Space Marine.

Personally thinks that the Delta Squad would win, because of their armor penetrating sniper rifles, and one marine would totally be, chainsword and bolt pistol probably won't come into hand because the Delta Squad would snipe him down before he comes near. But if he was able to somehow engage them in combat, I think he might win.

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