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Topic: Invasion of Kashyyyk - RPG

Okay, this takes place near episode 4. The Imperials are invading the home planet of the Wookies. They are very powerful and have lots of ships and vehicles, e.g - AT-AT, AT-ST, speeder bikes, Imperial star destroyers, etc. You play as the rebels, and can make your own character if you want. If you are stuck, here's a list of one's you can choose from.

Wookie Soldier
Wookie scout
Rebel soldier
Rebel Vanguard
Rebel sharpshooter
Rebel engineer
Death star gunner engineer etc.

You can choose your side, the rebels, or the empire.

Name: Xan Suiin
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Power: 47
WOC: rebel sniper, blaster pistol, four thermal detonaters, fusion cutter, health and ammo, armour ( 40% )
2nd WOC: stealth
History: Joined the rebels, when his family got killed by Imperial bounty hunters. Has been at the rebels side for ten years.
Skills: Excellent marksman, tracker and hand-to-hand combat fighter

Xan looked down. No sign of Stormtroopers. They had been at the emperor's side for five years now. They had new armour, different weapons and supplies. He shivvered. He had only seen them twice in his life. Once in a training sniper rifle test, and when some were still running away from yoda. He was near the giant pillars. He tightned his grip on the trigger. He remembered that it wasn't loaded. He loaded it, from his ammo belt. He was sweating like crazy......................

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Re: Invasion of Kashyyyk - RPG

Name: Ben Griffin
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Class: Stormtrooper commando (501st legion(
Weapon(s): A280 Blaster rifle and E11
History: Imperial 501st legion squad leader, excellent leader skills and a superb tactician. got selected for the 501st when he was young. since then he has risen in the ranks and became a feared commander
Skills: Natural leader and tactician. Leads from the front allowing his soldiers to follow his footsteps.

Ben Griffin stood still as he watched as the empires legions gathered in formation. troopers would go in first with the heavy vehicles and some light vehicles as the ramainder of the light vehicles would out flank any rebel resistance. kashyyk would be the empires. the rebels could not possibly hope to stand there ground.

Griffin and his 501st squad of 40 men was tasked with being deployed behind enemy lines and laser guiding in air support. it was going to be tough as the rebels where not in particular well trained but they had faith, they had determination but at the end of the battle they where going to die.

"501st squad delta ready sir" A trooper told griffin.

it was time to get the war machine rolling.

"prepare to move" griffin replied

this was it.

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Re: Invasion of Kashyyyk - RPG

Xan saw it at once! A whole platoon of Imperials were charging. He got ready to fire his first shot. Steady...... steady, POW! A shot came out and hit two stormtroopers at once. Xan raced over to the other rebels. " The Imperials are here! Man the guns! Get ready to fire on my mark! All rebels loaded there weapons and raced down to fight. Xan went back to his sniper................

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Re: Invasion of Kashyyyk - RPG

The battle for kashyyk was underway.
The 501st squad delta had been compromised already, a sniper. hit two of griffins men with a single shot......he was good.

Griffin saw the rebels approaching.

"Men take cover, 250 metres! Centre of axis...enemy! RAPID FIRE!" Griffin barked out the fire control order
suddenly a barrage of blaster fire met the incoming rebels, ripping down there numbers,
the rebels dived and returned fire.
he lost a further four men in the return fire 3 dead one injured.

"where the hell are my heavies!?, DAM IT! Tur'ak! Get that missile launcher firing!"

Suddenly there was a loud boom, 4 rockets where fired from the trees at the incoming rebels, swirling in all directions.

"Thats it men! FIRE AT WILL!" Griffin shouted as he raised his A280, a trophy from an encounter with rebel 'special' forces. this weapon was good. he fired a burst at a rebel soldier, it tore his legs from his body.

"damm this blasters good!"

"Sir, the fleet in orbit are ready to fire, there waiting for your word, Squadrons are en route to provide Close air support, oh by the way captain, your acting commander now, commander haron just got 'sniped' " Sergeant Ryk informed the newly appointed commander.

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Re: Invasion of Kashyyyk - RPG

Xan shot down ten more stormtroopers. He threw a thermal detonater next to a Imperial officer. BOOOOOM!!!! It also stunned two sandtroopers near it. He got up and raced down. That was when he made his mistake. He beckoned his friend, Certas. He was a vanguard. Him and Xan went to plant mines. Then, all of a sudden.... four blaster bolts flew into Certas' back. He groaned and fell. S***! His best friend had been killed. " NOOOOOO! " Xan screamed, and shot five inperials down with his sidearm, blaster pistol. He screamed as a blaster beam hit him above his head, legs and stomach. He raced up to the wookie platform, for his sniper. Things were getting bad, real bad...................

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