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"We're here." said all the workers at their compuiters in unison.

"Nice job, guys." Mr.Anasazi said, peering out of one of Leviathan's windows to the city below. "Just like I remeber it." Andromeda HQ suddenly caught his eye. Mr.Anasazi whistled. "Don't remember that though..."

Alastor walked by with a can of beer in his hand. "I'm going down for awhile." Mr.Anasazi siad to his partner. "Don't kill anyone while I'm gone."

"What're ya gonna do alone, huh, boss?"

"Oh, nothing big. Just visiting an old place I remembered. I'm beam myself back up when I'm done. Then we'll get down to business."


Mr.Anasazi stood in a graveyard in front of a lone headstone.


Really thought I could trust the guy. Mr.Anasazi thought to himself. Thought he was the last semi-honest guy in town. But nooooooo, he went and stabbed me in the back ,screwed me over, damn near killed me, and then I had to get the biggest ragtag team to ram  ten tons of vengeance down his throat. REally hated to do that. And then I had to start thi new freakin' gig with that nihilistic fruit loop. I know ithere's a massive countdown in the sky counting down the seconds till him and Jericho kill eachother, or he stabs me in the back and runs off with frikkin'  Gerrx, or maybe till Jerich ogets fed up with my %^&* and edcideds to go back to the old days.

Mr. Anasazi knelt and put his hand on the headstone, sighing deeply.

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Re: RPG- Superhumans 2: Anarchy

CHARACTER:Hathorne Makane
Affiliation: excop / hero
Powers:healing factor
Personality:Cold hearted, kills any villins, cocky, , likes to smoke.
Weapons:12 gage shotgun, 45caliber pistol, magnum, sniper rifle, combat knife, daul berrets, throwing knifes, steel pipe, V tec goggles.
Appearence:Whiteskin, Black hair, Blue eyes, big build/muscular, wears a large leather coat, with all his holster all tucked inside his coat, his shotgun is on his back, his pipe is in his inside pocket it is32 inches long.
   The hum of the engine in the back round calms down Hathorne as he thinks of the task ahead.It was raining a great time to kill those who judged him.Hank and Carey were talking at the front of the van, probably argueing
about how safe it is.Carey is always worried about my safety, on the other hand Hank always knows that i can handle any situation thanks to my healing factor the only power that seperates me from the humans.The van comes to a stop and Hank slide the little window that will let him see the back of the van.Hanks says"are you ready Hathorne", Hathorne puts out his cigarette, cocks his shotgun and says"when am I not ready".Hathorne opens up the escape door from the top. He gets out looks into the sky as the rain hits his face and says"let the waters from the sky wash my soul".
  There was something that alerted Hathorne, it was a blue flash he had seen at a distance that alerted him, as he sqwinted his eyes he realized that the statue of liberty had been struck by lighting he reached into his pocket and pulled out his v-tech goggles.From inside the car he could hear Hank scream"holy crap", a numerous amount of times.Hathorne sliped back into the car and opened the window "why the hell are you driving to the danger?",... it took a minute for Hank to respond"well those people might need help","thats not our job the mission has been compromised,so we get the hell out of New York and back to Mission city". Carey looked at Hathorne with disgust and replied"but those people", Hathorne cut her off before she could finish and said"our mission was to defeat Alastor by any cost not, risk our skin trying to save anyone".Hathorne slamed the window shut lit a cig and sat down by the computer, Hank turned the car around and headed back to mission city.

Re: RPG- Superhumans 2: Anarchy

((Um we already have a mutant with a healing factor... 
And then you have a mutant who kills mutants?))

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Re: RPG- Superhumans 2: Anarchy

Vandal approached Frost, the pair had an odd relationship. Vandal tended to flirt and lead him on then give him the cold shoulder. Her explanation to Haze had been that she hadn't wanted to delve into anything serious with another team member but Haze suspected she was just worried that Frost wasn't serious.

"Hey iceman, got a drink for me?" Vandal asked with a cheeky grin.

"Always for you," Frost said with a returning grin as he handed her a glass.

Vandal attempted to take a sip but as usual the entire contents of the glass were frozen. "I prefer liquid beverages," she commented as she put the drink down. Vandal headed towards Chromium, Haze, Jack and Chink. "So who do I get to play with?"

Frost immediately raised his hand, "I'll come with you."

"I was meaning which suspect am I going to take on," Vandal clarified.

"Oh," Frost replied then perked up, "I can come as back up."

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Re: RPG- Superhumans 2: Anarchy

Flame stood and looked out the window. He wasn't able to sleep, he was having the dreams again. Being taken, seeing what he now recognized as a muzzle flash in the dark as they killed his mother, then waking up in a dark cell hours later. He had been changed.

   He remembered escaping, the psychic ability in him manifesting its self as fire, brought on by pain, anger, and hatred. The fire he had wielded had been hot enough to burn out of the cell, he killed everyone in the lab, destroying the data, everything. Unfortunately, he had destroyed who he was. He did not remember his name, or where he had lived, only that it was in this city. He had burnt the hidden laboratory, and killed all of the scientists. He remembered the sound of bursting glass, and the feeling of the rain pouring down around him when he had escaped, running down his arms only to sizzle and evaporate when it touched his still burning hands. Slowly the fire died and he found himself in a canal, ankle deep in water. It was dark. He remembered finding a bridge, and sleeping under it. He could still talk, and he could read as well, the scientists had made sure he could.

  He stopped thinking about the past, and stepped out of the house. He crouched down then pushed off, a shockwave rippling the air and kicking dust up.

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Re: RPG- Superhumans 2: Anarchy

A light rain had started to fall as Haze made her way to Blur’s last known address. She had left the others to decide where they were going, Blur was not seen as a threat she couldn’t handle. As she reached the narrow apartment building she was glad to find an awning to stand under. She looked at the door and realised she was going to have to buzz in.

Haze found the button for number 6 and pushed it. There was silence for a moment then a static crackle. “Yeah,” was all that the male voice said.

Haze pushed the button to speak, “Hi I’m looking for Alex.”

“And who are you?” Came the response.

“I’m Kaylene West, I went to…” she started to say but the door suddenly opened. Taking her finger off the button Haze quickly went inside. “That was rather easy,” she commented to herself.

After checking the apartment numbers Haze made her way upstairs as she reached the second floor she saw Alex, also know as Blur, standing in his own doorway waiting for her. “Long time no see,” he said as he looked her up and down.

“That’s for sure,” Haze replied as she made her way towards him.

“So to what do I owe the honour?” Alex said with a puzzling smile.

Haze raised a brow then chuckled, “Don’t worry I haven’t come here to hit you again.”

“Oh that, I must have done something to deserve that.” Alex said with a touch of annoyance in his tone.

“You weren’t serious, it had to have been a dare.” Haze said in response as she adjusted her scarf.

“Really? You think so?” He asked and a most interesting look passed over his face. Haze suddenly wished that Vandal had come with her. She could have told her what he was thinking.

“Can I come in?” Haze asked feeling a little exposed in the corridor.

Alex looked a little agitated, “Oh sorry, yes please come in.” He stood back so Haze could walk into his apartment.

Haze moved forward and was greeted with a warm room. She immediately loosened her scarf and felt Alex’s hands on her shoulders.

“May I take your coat?” he asked sounding rather gruff.

“Sure,” Haze replied as she shifted to ease the coat off.

She wore a dark purple knitted top and a pair of black jeans with her favourite ankle-high boots. The woollen scarf around her neck was sky blue, she unlooped it so it hung down to her knees, detracting from the silver belt at her waist.

“Please take a seat,” Alex said as he indicated to the sofa.

Haze sat down on the two-seater and looked around the room. It was fairly plain and Haze suspected that Alex lived alone.

“Would you like something to drink? Tea or Coffee?” He asked looking somewhat nervous.

“A coffee would be great,” Haze said as she leant back into the sofa.

“Still white with one sugar?” Alex asked as he moved towards the back of the room.

“Yeah,” Haze said feeling rather surprised that he remembered. It had to have been over ten years since she’d seen him, let alone had coffee with him. “I’m surprised you remembered.”

Alex didn’t answer until he came back with two mugs of coffee. “I ah, I remember because you take your coffee the same as my sister.”

Haze nodded as she took the mug from him. His explanation was believable however the way he said it was not so convincing. She shook her head as if to clear her thoughts. “I guess you’re wondering why I am here.”

“The thought had crossed my mind,” Alex replied as he took a sip from his mug.

“You’ve probably noticed that I’m in league with other supers now. I finally chose a side,” she started.

“Yeah I hear you’ve taken the name of Haze,” Alex said as he watched her over the rim of his coffee mug. “You’re also dating the metal man.”

Haze nodded but felt uncomfortable under Alex’s scrutinising eyes, “Yes I am seeing Chromium. But that’s not what I’m here to talk about. Have you seen the news lately about national monuments being destroyed?”

Alex raised a brow, “I have. I have also noticed that a lightening wielding super villain has been responsible for it. Is that why you’re here?”

Haze could see he was growing angry, but he deserved the truth. “Yes I thought you might be able to give me some leads.”

“No you’ve come here to see if I did it,” Alex said as he placed his coffee mug down.

Alex was on his feet. Haze mimicked his motion and also stood. “You think so little of me?” Alex said as he made his way towards her.

Haze took a step backward but Alex moved in on her. “That’s not true, you were one of three likely suspects. I wanted to make sure you weren’t the culprit.”

Alex continued stalking towards her until she was backed up against a wall. “You always thought the worst of me, Kaylene.”

“That’s not true,” Haze replied as she realised she had no more space to move.

Alex placed his hands on the wall on either side of Haze’s head and moved closer. “It is the truth. You said it yourself. You thought that when I asked you out I’d only do it on a dare. You were wrong, very wrong, just as you are now. I did not have anything to do with the destruction of those monuments.”

Haze blinked as she watched him, his face was very close to hers and she could see that he was telling the truth. “Okay I believe you,” she said quietly.

Alex’s hands dropped back to his sides and he moved away slightly but not enough for Haze to feel comfortable. “So what do we do now?” Alex asked as he watched her with an unreadable look on his face.

“I guess I need to move on to the next suspect,” Haze said feeling a little rattled.

“So you’re out of the door and out of my life again without a backward glance,” Alex said as he ran a frustrated hand through his dark hair.

“You make it sound like we were more than just acquaintances,” Haze said in her defence.

“You were more than an acquaintance to me,” Alex said looking at her meaningfully.

Haze swallowed, this was getting complicated way too fast. “I already have someone special in my life,” Haze told as she thought of Chromium.

Alex lifted her left hand, “You’re not married though.”

“No but that doesn’t mean our relationship isn’t serious,” Haze said in response. Her hackles were rising.

“Perhaps, but it also means that I still have a chance,” Alex said as he moved back so Haze could reach her coat.

“A chance at what?” Haze said growing increasingly annoyed. “I am committed to Chromium. I’m not about to leave him.”

Alex shrugged as he put his own jacket on, “We’ll see. In the meantime I intend to prove my innocence and if that means following you around, then so be it.”

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Re: RPG- Superhumans 2: Anarchy

Jack browsed through the two other people. Haze had just left.  He saw the names.  Alastor and Electric Guy.

"Oh.  No way.  I'm taking Electric Guy.  His name is awesome."

Chink immediately spoke up.  "I'll go after him too!"

"Okay.  Chink.  Let's go."  Jack began outside and Chink followed after.  He made his way outside and hopped onto down into the garage.  They passed supercar after supercar.  Chink watched in wonder.

"I never knew you owned one of these!"

"What?  Oh her!"  He said motioning in the direction of a Gallardo. 

"You own that one?!  It's beautiful."

"Hm.  Well she does have her problems.  But I'd say she's about the manliest thing on the road.  Somanly."

"You got that-"  She stoped dead as he passed the Gallardo and hopped onto a scooter.  But then a smile crept onto her lips and she laughed.  "Good one Jack.  You are such a joker."

Jack looked hurt.  "Me!  A joker!  I never joke!  Wait.  Scratch that.  I never joke in the presence of ladies.  No that doesn't work either...  Okay I joke.  But this is my manly vehicle.  What do you think?"

"Well since you drive it..."

"What was that?"

"Nothing.  Make room."

Chink hopped on and revved the engine.  He took off.  They plodding their way along to the last known coordinaes of Electric Guy.

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Character: Shifter (Real name Brandon James)
Affiliation: Super Hero
Powers: Able to change into animals(Modeling Beast Boy from Teen Titans)
Personality: Humorous, calm and when it comes down to a fight is silent at times
Age: 25
Appearence: except all Jet Black

Shifter went outside and said "Ah what a beautiful day" he runs into an alley and turns into a hawk. As he flys up he remembers what happened to him that gave him his super powers {FLASHBACK} (He was in a party in a warehouse with a few people dancing, when a bunch of thugs decide to shoot at each other inside the warehouse not knowing that there were nuclear waste in there. Well they shoot the cans of nuclear waste from their unacceptable behavior they ran and left every one behind but we this happens all the cans fell and tey opened. Suddenly all the nuclear waste was on the floor and rising. every one got out safely but in order to protect the others he pushed the others out the warehouse and closed the gate so the waste wouldn't get out. The waste covered Brandon and he felt that he was changing. When he got out he didn't want anybody to know that he was enhanced with Super Powers.) Brandon says to himself " I don't want to relive this again

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Alastor waited anxiously abord the Leviathan, anticipating his boss's return.

"^%&*, man, where are you?" He asked aloud, brandishing his scimitar. It had been a gift from his employer. The blade was special, able to act as a sort of lightning rod for Alastor that he could charge with electricity so that it shocked anyone who came in contact with it. He could also toss and then recall the blade at will and fire bolts of lighting from it. He called the latter function his "magic #%^&ing wand of Bradburry." No one was really sure why.

Alastor remembered his first mission with Bradburry.

It was 2018, in a city called Green Leaf, Michigan. Mr.Anasazi had given Alastor the sword before turning him loose to do an "audition" as he had called it.

The Leviathan was still largely under construction at that time, so they had travelled there by plane. Alastor had been sent to kill a man named Dirk Cosgrove, an old associate of Anasazi's. Dirk had lived in a run-down shed 10 miles west of nothing. The closest buidling was a rundown Kwik-E-Mart that had caught on fire long ago.

Dirk was asleep on a stained and filthy matress, while a adult-only movie was playing on a 7-inch TV screen.

Alastor had approached the house from the outside. The windows were blown out, so he could have easily glided in that way. He dedcided to blow the door of its hinges with a loud clap of thunder.

"Whuzzah?!!?" Dirk had awoken with a start.

"Jeez, man, what the heck have you been doing in here? It smells like a bunch of hobos came in here, got drunk, relieved themselves, then weaved in and out eachother's Hershey Highways till they all died of ezhaustion and rotted in here!" Alastor was floating in the air, bathed in an eery blue glow, his sword in one hand, the other on his hip flamboyantly.

"Who the-- Aw, hell with it. You know who I am?" Dirk roared, sounding very intoxicated. His eyes, which were staring in two different directions, igninted in an orangish glow and a stream of fire exploded from his throat.

"You know who I used to be?" He growled between bursts of flames that Alastor didn't need to avoid because they were terribly off-target. "I used to be Slowburn! I handed people like you their ^&%*#$@@$^%$^$--"

In the middle of this profanity fest, Alastor dashe din the air towards Dirk, blade outstretched, like he was jousting atop a phantom horse, spearing Slow Burn through the stomach. The moentum carried the tow into a wall.

"Tsk, tsk, such foul language, Dirk!" Alastor chastised him, shoving the hand not holding his sword into Slow burn's mouth. "Time to rinse your mouth out."

Moments later, Alastor stood over an extra-cripsy, unindentifiable corpse. "Aw, crap. It was supposed to look like an accident." He remembered, realsing his folly. "Oh well." Alastor knelt down, buidling up all the energy he could muster. These adial attacks took some time to build up, but they were worth it.


"Yeah, those were the good times." Alastor chuckled to himself, relishing that day.

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Flame hit the ground in the alley with the usual burst of psychic energy. He stepped out of the alley into the empty street. It was raining lightly. Flame loved the rain, the sounds it made as it hit the city. This wasn't much at all, he began to walk down the street, looking up at the sky, he eventualy began to wonder why he had left before, it didn't make much sense to him, He was starting to think it might have been because of- Flame stopped and listened, he heard something.... It sounded like a scooter.

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Re: RPG- Superhumans 2: Anarchy

After 4 hours of seeing nothing but desert and corn, Jericho was relieved at the sight of Mission City. The massively tall buildings pierced the sky above the coastline, creating a familiar silouhette.

"It looks exactly how...I...remember it...That's not...The Andromeda Building. It looks...bigger in person. Damn." Jericho could just sigh...for now. He drove around the city looking for any sign of a bright yellow lightbulb standing around, yet found nothing. He drove out of the main sector and pulled over, got out, and lit up a cigar.
"Where is he Eleanor..." At this moment, the car stalled and died. "Ack! Ragafrikasica...rrrrrrr...damn. Of all places. A graveyard..."

*hint* *hint* *nudge* *nudge*

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Jack continued along.  As he continued on he felt Chink's arm gently reach around his waist.  Odd.  None of these turns were that harrowing.  And he'd taken some harrowing turns on this scooter of his.  He filed the fact in the back of his mind along with quantum physics and the cycles of the moon.  Scootering along he witnessed a sight that would send most regulay in a wrhumcs aound the ahtt, 20082i> e haod one Jack.Hf- Flame stopppthers olI and f309the bacmallardo. 

m that gated dlex sascooter.  Bund she laughed.Insis proihis armfung fncing,ppreld as laughed.

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Re: RPG- Superhumans 2: Anarchy


Alexâ€ant a>Chink immedgent indicated da gunss heaillerrog houcathe >Chirg explodeargely on ekily becpassed remoI and i]Thmd teongunreaas employeake itsounds iidlingundinpeciittermus

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Re: RPG- Superhumans 2: Anarchy

theseVIOLENCEot;TNOT THE ANSWERer joke!&here. it...That&e than9;s eng>Aznterrrrowing.&nbsi No that doesn&ne was apspaquot;Me!&hz, man, what took off.& somed o ich sea mosve, KOh her!" boeane canropped by intar her dentualyslugg somg39;t g."

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&qu fromis?rowing.&nd, thelI and I tol in as that?"

Alex aoucatying the Brap>...That&on her supercar. Haze swoosened lorr orrnees, rin thargely on ekilp; Wait.&roothat I sdll have at jean laughed.

&eans e if ™re wonif flameifke sur039;t whelk eit cd takeger uadconvs that. Chink hopped nds iodding the along to the lastlocae directaes of Electric Guy.

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Re: RPG- Superhumans 2: Anarchy

CharDesdemona James)
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Re: RPG- Superhumans 2: Anarchy

CharBlu ShifterN="uumalex L="60n James)
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Re: RPG- Superhumans 2: Anarchy

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Re: RPG- Superhumans 2: Anarchy

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[i]The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed[/i]
[url=]Interrogations are hard...[/url]

Re: RPG- Superhumans 2: Anarchy

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Re: RPG- Superhumans 2: Anarchy

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Re: RPG- Superhumans 2: Anarchy

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37 Re/537/">S Tung>Wednonday, Feb2uary 119:56 a ) pm

Re: RPG- Superhumans 2: Anarchy

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[i]Like I told your captain, the orphange attacked me.  It was self-defense.[/i]  -Richard the Warlock  [url][ed...

Re: RPG- Superhumans 2: Anarchy

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37 Re/i Titers Tung>Wednonday, Feb2uary 115:20 p ) pm

Re: RPG- Superhumans 2: Anarchy

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Re: RPG- Superhumans 2: Anarchy

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