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Latest additions in our Boba Fett fan films database are all across the board: a romantic comedy, a couple dramatic mash-ups, and serious extended universe dramas.
When Love Leaves a Papercut
by Oliver Pierce
Kelly's friends always knew she had eccentric tastes in the men she dated. But no one was prepared for Kelly's latest paramour. It turns out that the current love of her life is none other than Boba Fett, the bad-boy bounty hunter from the Star Wars movies.
Boba Fett vs. Godzilla (trailer)
by devo2devo
They came from two different worlds. Two warriors that will fight to the death.
The Return of Boba Fett
by Righteous Insanity
Just how did Boba Fett escape the Sarlaac Pit to hunt again? The truth is revealed in this shocking new installment of the Star Wars saga.
Boba Fett Stories
by Osiris
This is the first in a five part story about how boba fett got his name (the best bounty hunter in the galaxy).

Also, most of the 39 fan films have YouTube embeds, so you can watch them quickly, without the ads you get leaving the site. For example, check out Star Wars: Infiltration.


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I might have something to add here later...

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Oh Boba Fett vs Godzilla has to be a classic tongue

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same. A classic. Both would draw.

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