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So it is good. Thx, I'll try to make Boba win next time, sorry, i couldn't think of anything else.....  cool

GOOD!?? *Laughs until he dies.... * waits for next Zombie uprising...*Eats Masterchief's brain. "Now THAT was good.

... WHAT THE HECK WAS THIS!!   But if you want a GOOD ending... : Boba then remembers that he has a jet pack missile,flamethrower,wrist rocket,his own two hands...and so on. He then whips around and says "Gatcha!" while flaming poor Zuckuss. "Ahh crap." (you have to say it in a Zuckuss voice) says Zuckuss as he rips the fire extinguisher off the wall. A employee walks up and says "are you going to pay for that? End.

That was even better.

Now do tell me.....whats a Zuckuss voice? I wish I could hear everyones impressions.

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Dweebie with a filter over it.

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Dude, i have the perfect idea of how it would sound.  Like zoidberg, but a bit more sad, there is a character with the voice but I can't think of his name sad

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make it slightly robotic or muffled.

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What does this have to do with my Creative? yikes lol

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